Supply rape kits through the health and wellness center.

Supply rape kits through the health and wellness center.

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      Melina Padron

      Denton, TX, TX

With a student body of 36,000 students, it is crucial that these students have sufficient protection provided by the school to help if an unfortunate situation such as rape occured. Currently, there is no rape crisis center or support group on campus. The closest women's center is about 5 miles away, but in case of an emergency the chances of transportation to the center or hospital at such a critical time are very slim. However, with the help of the university to help fund rape kits through the Health and Wellness Center, the student body would have the comfort of knowing that if such a situation were to arise they would be supported by the Univiserity and therefore creating a safer environment.

In addition, it is our goal to set up a student led support group either through the Health or Counseling center to provide peer support to victims.  Although we know the obstacles we face in trying to get rape kits are large, we are trying to draw attention to the issue in hopes to take steps to provide necessary training and materials to the Health and Welnness Center.

Other steps we are trying to take to bring better protection to the individuals at the university include reaching an agreement with the wellness center in order to provide convenient hours in case of an assault or to provide transportation to Denton Regional so the individual can recieve the care they need. 

Supply rape kits through the health and wellness center.

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      Thanks so much for your support guys. Every one of these counts.

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    • Denis Paz DENTON, TX
      • 7 months ago

      Because my university is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable environment for students to pursue their academic programs.

    • Jason Galbraith LITTLE ELM, TX
      • 7 months ago

      Keep it going! I am the third person in my Facebook network to sign.

    • Jerrica Weatherall DENTON, TX
      • 8 months ago

      Every woman should be able to know if they are safe, and every one woman should feel safe

    • Barbara Rodman DENTON, TX
      • 9 months ago

      UNT Faculty member

    • Becca Thomason DENTON, TX
      • 10 months ago

      Women should be able to go to the clinic if they've been sexually abused or assaulted.


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