Save Maryland Swimming and Diving
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Save Maryland Swimming and Diving

    1. Ursula  Magee
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      Ursula Magee

Supporting students who have spent a minimum of 5 hours a day year round training in the pool in addition to pursuing a high standard in academic are the type of people we need to lead our Country going forward. That discipline and hard work will be the foundation for our success as Americans.

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    1. President Loh announced his decision to cut Maryland's Swimming and Diving

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      As efforts to Save Maryland Swimming and Diving move to its next phase, we are all challenged with the task of raising money (to whatever extent possible being fully aware of the economic challenges we are all faced with). We cannot let dedicated student-athletes down who compete in "non-revenue" sports while they maintain high standards in academics, we rely on our young men and women who will lead our country in future generations. We are urging everyone to keep updated at where you can view recent updates
      on donations, see how to contribute, and sign up for our email list.

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    3. Michael Phelps endorses petition to Save University Maryland Swimming

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      A final decision on cuts to be made by the end of 2011

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    5. Fellow swimmers support the Terps!

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      Support the Terps! watch the video and help the cause!!
      Save Maryland Swimming and Diving.wmv

    6. Olympic Trials - Swimming and Diving , University of Maryland ........

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      Will the University of Maryland miss the opportunity to be proudly
      represented by its swimmers at Olympic Trials next summer? Will the
      announcer be able to say "in lane two from the University of Maryland
      ............."? Or will the story be how the flagship university of the
      State of Maryland cut its swim team in a state that is home to many
      nationally recognized club teams and Olympic swimmers. Is this what the University of Maryland wants to represent?

    7. Go Terps! We are one family and speak with one voice.

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      Students, alumini, family and friends have already provided over 3,000 signatures. If each of us gets one friend to sign, we could double this number! Tell every one you know!!

    8. Reached 3,000 signatures
    9. Get updated news on the situation

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      Get informed

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    11. Washington Post Sports "Move to save Maryland swimming, diving gains steam"

      Ursula  Magee
      Petition Organizer

      It highlights the efforts of us all working together as a community to support student-athlete at the University of Maryland and throughout the United States and encourage participation in sports that might not get the attention that other sports receive.

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