Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, Revised 2011
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Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, Revised 2011

    1. WEEAC - Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty
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      WEEAC - Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty

      International, WI

Given the last time the UDAR was updated was in 1989.  
We believe it is way past time it be brought up to date for the year 2011.

Let us first state the definition of "Sentience"

  • we know that animals are sentient, that they feel pain and pleasure and that they have interests of their own that have nothing to do with being a mere resource for humans.   Joyce Tischler - ALDF

What exactly makes human beings sentient and animals looked on as property, "not sentient"  Are we not intelligent  enough now, in the 21st century.  To realize, that yes, like human beings, animals have all the 5 senses we do.

They see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  They bleed as we bleed, feel pain as we feel pain.  Not only physical, but emotional as well.  They are Aware of themselves.  Are capable of emotions: anger, sadness, love, joy,  happiness, grief.  They have minds that are intelligent, capable of learning, thinking, figuring out how to do things. They have a language, just as we do.  Although we may not understand their language.  That does not make it any less valid.  They, understand each other.  And it seems, often understand us and our language far better than we are capable of understanding theirs.

And so it stands to reason.  That only the Arrogance of humanity, can justify "using", "owning", "looking upon"  animals as property, to be done with however we choose.  The time has come for this to change. Human beings are not "Better" than "animals" .  We are merely Different.  And there is no longer a justification to interfere with their right to life.

Hence we propose, the Revised Edition
Universal Declaration of Animal Rights

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      • 4 months ago

      Animals deserve to be treated as equals

    • Sara Sturges BAYSIDE, CA
      • 5 months ago

      We are lucky to have the capabilities we have I do not see why we cant show that gratefulness and share our insight with other species. The majority of the human race would be stupid cavemen without teachers and help from elders. The majority of us didn't have the ability to widen our perspective and understand the world on our own. With each others help, we have accomplished quite a lot! Those caveman imbeciles became scientists and artists and caring people who standup for what they believe in.

      If humans can accomplish all this with help then what do you think other animals could do? Other species could do? If we attempted to understand them and treat them with the same patient hands that cared for those baby caveman.... imagine what they could be. It would take much time, just as it did for humans, but instead of letting nature and evolution go on it leisurely course why don't we lend a hand and speed up the process? We have not reached our potential yet fellow homosapiens, just because we aren't bad doesn't mean we're good... just because we understand doesn't mean see. Humans do not own or rule this world, if you think we do that is a personal choice and not a fact. In accordance, if it was in our choosing to rule then why not refuse the crown? Don't we all prefer the humble king? The democracy? The change and the power is in our hands, and I am certainly ready for a new world one step at a time.

    • electra ruby EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      Because i feel that the cruelty we inflict on different species is equal- yes EQUAL to the ignorant attitude we once inflicted on those of different race or colour(And often still do) The cruelty in Seven years a Slave is almost too painful to watch - and all sensitive people cringe with horror witness it. In years to come we will fel the same way about how we treat animals.

    • electra ruby EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      Animals are my equal

    • Deanna Sheneman ST. CHARLES, MO
      • 7 months ago

      This is important to me because animals don't have a voice. They are being mistreated and harmed, but they do not have the ability to demand rights for themselves, so I am demanding rights for them!


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