UNITY AND RE-UNIFICATION We deserve a second chance!
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UNITY AND RE-UNIFICATION We deserve a second chance!

    1. Jacqueline X
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      Jacqueline X

      Tonawanda, NY

This is important for justice of N.G. and regaining relationship, love, and trust with her mother as well as society as a whole. It is also important because it will change the circumstances for thousands of other children and families adversely affected by Judge Bailey's decisions. N.G. has been on supervised visits with her mom since May 2011. There have been no incidents during the visits and in fact mom has been an ideal model parent at visits, and is often asked for new workers to be allowed to observe the visits. 

 Jacqueline Bontzolakes suffered enormous physical, sexual, mental, and emotional anguish at the hands of her abusive partner. As she tried to separate herself legally from him, he filed no fewer than 30 family court petitions against her, and as is common with victims of domestic violence, she lost custody of her daughter after seven gruelling years of constant petitions. But in a twist too horrific for most of us to fathom, the girl’s father allowed a registered sex offender to be alone with and even sleep in the same room as his daughter, as he worked overnight shifts. As Jacqueline became aware of the situation she voiced her concerns to both a family court judge who had recently awarded father full custody. The judge refused to relieve Ms. Bontzolakes' petition to keep her daughter a safe distance from a sex offender. When Ms. Bontzolakes realized that the judge was not going to assist in protecting the child from grave and eminent danger, she did the only thing she could do ensure the daughter's safety- she "abscounded" with her. Within months of that petition to the judge (even while Ms. Bontzolakes was detained), several more witnesses filed CPS complaints about the child being left alone with the registered sex offender. When that was brought up at the next court date, the same judge refused to protect the daughter again. Finally, nine months later, the father’s "safety plan" included locking her in a bedroom at night. Which was approved by CPS as a legitimate was to protect the child! We are asking for a judicial review of Jacqueline Bontzolakes cases (Federal Docket case # 1:10CR00262-001, and Erie County Family Court Docket # F-04837-03 and any other variations of the docket # or numbers including F-4837-03) as she is about to start her prison sentence related to the kidnapping. Most parents and decent people will agree with me that Jacqueline’s degree of love and devotion to her daughter warrant an award, not a prison sentence. If Jacqueline goes to prison, her daughter will lose the relationship she still has with her mother, making the little girl more vulnerable to the “grooming” process that pedophiles use to ensnare children. This is a recipe for ruining a child’s innocence. We must take a stand to protect children. Jacqueline was convicted of violating the International Kidnapping Law, Federal Court refused to allow in evidence to satisfy the Legal Affirmative Defense. That her actions were justified because the kidnapping was a response to save her daughter from great harm. The laws surrounding kidnapping of children must be enforced, but not at the expense of a fair trial. 


Jacqueline deserves an investigation into why the evidence to support her claim that she was protecting her daughter. In addition, her daughter deserves an investigation into the sordid circumstances that precipitated her mom's action and deserves to be safe. In recent Federal trial, father admitted that 'occasionally' he leaves the daughter with his brother-- the sex offender. A judicial review of both these court dockets is the first necessary step in this process.

Call for action. Please remove Judge Bailey from hearing any other petitions that are brought about by Mr. N.E.G. and/or Ms. Jacqueline Bontzolakes. Your actions will save a family from continued damage.  


We are HUMBLY requesting a FULL INVESTIGATION of this case from the inception until present order, which states it is a final order.  One that Ms. Bontzolakes has recently tried to modified and was instructed by the clerk and the clerks supervisor that she could not file a petition.  We want a careful judicial review, as well as a citizens review of every court date.  Futhermore we want a a public apology from Judge Bailey, and reunification of the family effective immediately until such investigation is completed. 






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Other families also need your help! So I started this page...



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      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      The appellate court acknowledged that the uncle was a sex offender and didn't find that that fact alone should have propelled me to take my children out of the country. Interesting.... Yet I move on in PEACE AND POWER... upon my return I hope to help women who have been ABUSED in a different way... Please read, Share, forward and continue in the GREAT WHITE LIGHT... Please vote so that I can come home and start the healing process! No one should ever have to go through this but if they do I want to help them heal!



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      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Some people are visual people and they can respond better to a petition after seeing a video...here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07JAcR0CGl4 Share away... and lets get the final 71 signatures that is needed to reach 1000... if we get more that would be wonderful! ... take action today!!! Share on FB, Twitter, Tag, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, and any other social network as well as your emails.

    4. PLEASE WRITE TO President Obama & Eric Holder USA Attorney General

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      LATEST NEWS WE LOST ON A STAY ON APPEAL... I HAVE TO TURN MYSELF IN... Earliest date is Monday latest date is APRIL 4th. If I surrender locally I can see my family and friends if they travel about 1 hour out... Please write your letters... We need a pardon from the President!


      https://m.facebook.com/events/?archive&refid=25&ref=bookmark#!/events/463223360410372?ref=bookmark&__user=684631600 this links will take you to events page and also my cry for help...

    5. Reached 750 signatures
    6. please click the link help send letters to US Atty General Eric Holder

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/events/463223360410372?ref=bookmark&__user=684631600 ...a sample letter is attached to make it easier for you to send to Eric Holder, NYS Senator Schumer, and Governor Cuomo. Links to their emails are on to the link. Feel free to be original. Sample letter is only guide for your with little bit of time or those who need an overall reality of facts.

    7. CHARACTER LETTERS NEEDED- signed & email to familysolutioncenter@yahoo.com

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer


      . All letters should be addressed as follows;
      Honorable Billy Roy Wilson
      United States District Judge
      clo Tracy_Hayes, Assistant Federal Public Defender
      Federal Public Defender,s Office
      Western District of New York
      300 Pearl Street, Suite 200
      Buffalo, New york 14202
      Letters can be either mailed or faxed to Tracy Hayes, Ms. Bontzolakes, attorney. and emailed to familysolutioncenter@yahoo.com

    8. CHARACTER LETTERS NEEDED- signed & email to familysolutioncenter@yahoo.com

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Please email me at familysolutioncenter@yahoo.com for guideline format! 1
      . All letters shorrld !:c addressed as folfows;
      Honc'i,rirle i3illy Roy Wilson
      United States District Judge
      clo Tracy_Hayes, Assistant Federar pubric Defender
      Federaf public Defender,s Office
      Western District of New york
      .300 Pearl Street, Suite 200
      Buffalo, New york 14202
      Letters can be either mailed or faxed to Tracy Hayes, Ms. Bontzolakes, attorney.

    9. Sentencing!

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Some of you are aware of what transpired some of you do not. In September I was convicted of 3 felony counts associated w/ protecting my family from all forms of ABUSE (including Court Appointed Child Abuse) & DV by Proxy. I cannot get into it publicly!~ I would just like to say that I appreciate everyone's support of me this far! We are close to 600 signatures which does not include people from different countries whose signature does not show up because I made this a petition to the US President. On January 18, 2013 I will be sentenced at the Federal Court Bldg in Erie County (Western District of NY). I hope to see as many of you there as possible! I will never give up fighting for my children and exposing the truth as to what happens in family courts to good parents when they are attempting to protect their children from abusive situations. No matter the outcome you are all in my prayers! Lets get 1000 signatures 12/30/12 Share with others TODAY so we can reach that goal! Thanks!

    10. Reached 525 signatures
    11. GOALS REACHED... no response from the Judges Supervisor yet!!! sooo...

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      We HAVE reached our goal of 500 signatures!!! I would love for you all to share it ONE MORE TIME... We reached the goal last week and the Judge HAS NOT r
      esponded!!! Lets send her the message that we will continue to push until she provides JUSTICE for a child who can NOT SPEAK UP for HERSELF! ... advising us to APPEAL (which we are already in the process is NOT enough!)... WE need a FULL INVESTIGATION of the INITIAL DECISION IN OCTOBER 2009 that warranted a change of custody!!! please continue to send her the message that WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!

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    13. "cutting" or "lack of proper supervision?"

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Update: So I seen my daughter this week and she comes to the visit with scratches all down her face and in her upper arms! What on earth happened since one week ago? I'm not sure, but the caseworker supervising the visit did not seem a bit
      concerned! Yet she was concerned over my daughter speaking to me in public...At least she wasn't lacerated... So why is the caseworker not even flinching at the wounds my daughter has? My daughter within minutes said two different stories the 1st that she had a fight on a trampoline with a 5 year old within minutes she said she did it with a toy clapper... Now because I have been disciplined before about asking my daughter "where" something happened I was not able to prob or ask questions! Help us continue to make noise of the inconsistencies and inaction in this case to protect my daughter and get her to a safe place. Especially this caseworkers failure to make sure this child is safe! Her personal inaction to get to the bottom of reporting these ph

    14. in PUBLIC PLACES....

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      at my last visit my daughter was told that if and when she sees me in public she must not speak to must. She must not say hello, and she must not not give me a hug or a kiss. She was told that there is to be no conversations whatsoever and that that is the "RULES." My daughter was quiet the entire time with her eyes ready to burst out crying. One tear was all she had for us. The rest she bottled up inside. She was told to give me the sign language for I love you and that is it. She would not verbally agree to doing this she just nodded her head! I need your support to put and end to this madness that will create psychopathic behaviors! Not speaking to your mom is not only unnatural.... it is INHUMANE and CRUEL to expect a child not to speak, hug, or hug her mother when she sees her.

      I need your support... please lets close this petition out with the 167 signatures needed! Help my daughter come home!!!! This is insane requirements that will eventually harm my daughter. She will resort

    15. now she is on pychotropic drugs...

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      this update should ignite some anger in you! My child is like all other foster care children out there suffering with family court syndrome. ... Its when they are traumatized for being removed from a loving home for no reason at all! Father been away for 6 weeks and will be missing her graduation today! Child been "better" in school, but is is because father has been away or because she is drugged up? Maybe its because wherever she is staying there is a person not waking her up at 5 am to go to daycare, maybe now she is getting enough rest? Maybe its because there is a woman helping her take care of her needs better then he does. But he'll be back soon! Please Don't stop now. Lets all call one person up and ask them to read/sign if they agree! My daughter does not need psycho tropic medication she needs her mom and siblings and loving family! Please help her!

    16. We have now reached 250 people!!!

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Hooray!!!! lets get to 500 ... That means everyone can call someone up right now and ask them read this petition (or you can read it to them), have them log in (or you can log in for them--if they give you permission). And sign the petition!!! That's just 1 person... can you get one person? Please do! Just one quick phone call a way... Thanks so much! WE can do this together!!! Peace, Love, Light and NEVER giving up the GOOD FIGHT!

      While you are on this page look at the actual petition so you can see what I have endured!

    17. Reached 250 signatures
    18. Legally Kidnapped posted my petition online

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      This helps my cause because this website exposes the horrific corruption of Family Courts and CPS throughout the United States and United Kingdom!

    19. goal! Memorial day Weekend!

      Jacqueline X
      Petition Organizer

      Plz ALL approach 4 people right now to have them read and sign this petition... so we can have 500 signature by June 1st... Call, text, email, facebook, or tweet 4 people right now and tell them to read and sign (if they agree) this petition... Just four will more then meet this challenging goal that I want to set for myself... Thanks for all you have done thus far! Peace, love, and light, and NEVER giving up the fight! JBONTZ

    20. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Joni Saloom PEARLAND, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      This happened to me and my only child.

    • Xavier Walker NIAGARA FALLS, NY
      • about 1 month ago

      Support and justice

      • 5 months ago

      Jacqueline Bontzolakes is my niece. I've been an eye witness, on numerous occasions, to the love, devotion, affection and parental guidance/supervision, this biological mother exerts on her children. It's not an act! This is truly, a love of being and wanting to be a parent to her children. Her children, were always the happiest, pains in the neck, on earth. Jacqueline, with her kids in tow, laughter was their language. I can't imagine the suffering and heart ache they are all going through. With mother and children being separated. Especially, this parent. Jacqueline, must have been extremely, crazy extreme, crazy, crazy extreme to have re-acted in such an unlawful way. The pressure she felt must have been unbelievable to her. It's way too sad when things get to this point. The justice system can only work with what they have. And even with that, can only go so far. Thank God they save, what they do save. Jacqueline, is a wonderful person and an ideal mother. But, she did make a mistake in her efforts of protecting her children. Please, please let the suffering end. Enough scarring has been inflicted. Let them heal as the loving family they always were.

    • rodriguez cyndi SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • 6 months ago

      This child's needs a chance at a good quality of life. This mother also needs to be able to protect her child and provide her that life. Get that judge off this case.

    • Dawn Clabaugh BOURBON, IN
      • 7 months ago

      The Court (and related "authorities") here has assisted in seriously damaging my life and those of my children, knowingly or not. None of these people has to live or suffer from the consequences of their actions, whether through ignorance, malfeasance or malice. I do ... and so do my children. I went to jail trying to protect them ... ACCOUNTABILITY in authority is needed and long overdue.


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