Reform the patent system and how the USPTO awards them.
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Reform the patent system and how the USPTO awards them.

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      ben traves

Over the fast few years the countries patent system has become a joke! For example patent number 8,082,523, is a broad patent that covers the following usage scenarios:

-During a call on a mobile device with a touch screen, with the phone user interface showing, the users touches either a menu button or an icon.
-The device replaces the phone interface with a menu of application icons, including the phone icon.
-A user’s finger gesture chooses another app.
-The app’s interface comes up, all the while not dropping the call. The interface includes a “switch application icon” only when a phone call is occurring.
-The user performs a finger gesture on the switch application icon, taking the user back to the phone interface.

These function have been available on many devices prior to the phone which belongs to the patent owners. Granting patents like the one above affects YOU the consumers, they driving up the cost of products and reduce market innovation.

Companies like Microsoft are beginning to earn more money from android than their own windows phones! Apple are gaining ridiculous patent after patent. It damages the entire market!

Join this petition. We need reform. We need change!

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