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United States Department of Transportation: Update Functional Classification System To Improve the Walkability of American Cities and Towns

    1. Matthew Lambert
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      Matthew Lambert

      Miami, FL

Public demand for walkable neighborhoods, towns and cities is often thwarted by auto-dominated guidelines that force anyone designing streets to favor the car over pedestrians, cyclists and transit. A simple but powerful change is proposed in this petition: update the FHWA Functional Classification System by defining separate Urban, Suburban and Rural Area Types. New and more specific design guidance could then transform streets and make America's places more safe, walkable and livable.

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    • Neil Burke SYRACUSE, NY
      • 4 months ago

      I want safe places for all people, especially pedestrians who are so often the very youngest of our society. We owe it to ourselves to build more liveable and safe places

    • Robert da Silva KANSAS CITY, MO
      • 4 months ago

      A few years ago, I was walking to my home in downtown KC and had to stop at a red light before I could cross the street. Next to me was a person in a car waiting to turn in a left turn lane (the street is a one way street so the driver was literally right next to me). I looked at the driver and they saw me standing there. The driver nodded their head in acknowledgement that I was going to cross the street (so I thought).

      The walk signal turned for me at the same time as the driver got the green light and as I was stepping into the street to cross it and in the crosswalk the driver of the car and to quickly stop their car before they crashed into me. When I say the person was inches from hitting me, I do mean inches. I looked at the driver and they mouthed that they were sorry. The person didn’t mean to do it, but hey when the light is green I guess you just have to floor it…pedestrians be damned.

    • John Macatee IOWA CITY, IA
      • 8 months ago

      I would like to walk and bike throughout Iowa City (and all U.S. cities) safely. Thanks

      John Macatee

      Iowa City, IA

    • John Brandon IOWA CITY, IA
      • 8 months ago

      Preserving healthy neighborhoods.

    • John Thomas IOWA CITY, IA
      • 8 months ago

      Iowa City would greatly benefit from greatly benefit from the new standards for Urban Areas.


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