Improve the living conditions of Native American reservations.
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Improve the living conditions of Native American reservations.

    1. Toni Marshall
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      Toni Marshall

      Philadelphia, PA

There are many people outside and inside of this country who believe that America is perfect, that our government protects and aids the individuals that live here. It was mind blowing to me while visiting Arizona, last year for a school trip that there are hundreds if not thousands of Native Americans who live on reservations. The students who attended a high school in FlagStaff, Arizona began to explain to me how the living and health conditions of the Native Americans worsened after the Arizona SB 1070 act was passed. One of the students exclaimed "They just pushed the natives of this country to the land they didn't want or find to be useful for growing or building things."
Most of the Native American population is sick, with diseases such as alcoholism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and malnutrition. The average life expectancy is 45 years old. Over 60% of the houses they live in are infected with mold and other things. There is an assumption that the ads you see on TV about poverty only exist in a country outside of ours, it is very rarely thought or talked about that there is a large percentage of people who are in poverty here on our homeleand.
I am from a public high school in center city in Philadelphia; if a person does not live in a state where there are reservations; it is very rare that it will be talked about in a city environment like my own. I feel like if people across the nation knew about the conditions the people who accentors founded this country lived in we could make a change. If our government won’t help them, we sure can. Americans is what makes this country not the government. Americans never give up or leave one of our own to live in poverty. Please help me make a change and get the governments attention so that we can make a difference and show what Americans really stand for.


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      Toni Marshall
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      Hello All,
      Thank you all for signing my petition! We have reached 427 signatures! We still need more, please spread the word of our petition on any social media site you are connected to or tell a friend! Again thank you all for being apart of my movement for change.

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    • Natalia Doroshenko Харьков, UKRAINE
      • 11 months ago

      I have friends indios. I love it's culture

    • Gracemarie (kandee) Elliott EMERALD ISLE NC, AL
      • about 1 year ago

      Because we need to take care of our Own people before we continue to all unprecedented "Undocumented" Mexicans into America where Taxpayers are Forced to pay for their Health Care etc. Because Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the United States and because America's Wild West and Wild Mustangs are being Slaughtered or Transported for Slaughter to other countries when all they have to do to control population is to Geld the Stallions and Colts and Set them Free. Other Parks across the USA could also house some of the Wild Horses after they had been Gelded. Of course we don't want to Geld all, because then the population would die out.

      American Indians are Starving and this fact is causing many of them to team up with the United States Government in round-ups, running many to their death, and actually running the horses hooves OFF; so the horses can then be abusively trucked to other countries and Slaughtered or Slaughtered CRUELLY in the USA. I don't believe Factory Farmed Animals for Slaughter. America does not "grow" animals like they used to "free range" and "grass fed" or is their Slaughter Humane or much more Humane like it used to be. Animals and what Factory Farmers Feed them, because of Unsanitary Living Conditions of the Animals is KILLING Americans and giving Four year old Children Diabetes. Cancer is an Epidemic and so is heart disease. Animals are laced with at least three different kinds of Growth Hormones to "fatten them up quicker" and many antibiotics to keep them "alive" in the torturous conditions in which they have to spend their lives, then they are tortured on the way to the slaughter house and at slaughter.

      This is Not America. We need to get back to America.....I don't know what country this is today, but it is not The United States of America as or forefathers created her by a LONG shot.

    • Lynne Edmondson ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      For the Children

      • over 1 year ago

      this is a serious topic and should be fixed! These people deserve better right.

      • over 1 year ago

      everyone outght to have a decent place to live.


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