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United States Congress

Repeal Qualified Immunity

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      Erik Fritzler

      Sidney, NE

Qualified Immunity is at the heart of the corruption within the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of our government. If we actually made individuals accountable for their mistakes, we would see a massive drop in proecutorial misconduct, police corruption, and political cronyism.

Could you imagine the ramifications of our elected leaders being forced to represent their constituency? You would completely abolish lobbying and campaign donations from controlling them.

Only when this happens will we be able to institute a fair and balanced justice system that represents the people. Just to think... A misdemeanor for failing to vote for the people's viewpoint on an issue important to them. A felony for prosecutorial misconduct. A felony and a civil suit against law enforcement abuse. What a change that would make for the better. 

United States Congress
Repeal Qualified Immunity

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