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United States Congress: Eliminate the salary cap on Social Security contributions.

    1. g.g. gordon
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      g.g. gordon

      marquette, MI

If the salary cap for contributions to Social Security [currently $113,700 for 2013] were eliminated, so that employees who make more than $113,700 a year would continue to pay their fair share of Social Security, there would be no projected shortfall of Social Security, ever.  AARP supports removal of the cap and projects that 86% of the shortfall woulld be eliminated.  A 2010 Washington Post study concluded that removal of the cap would result in Social Security having a surplus.  It is time for everyone to pay their fair share, including the fair share on wages over $113,700.

United States Congress
Eliminate the salary cap on Social Security contributions.

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    • isabel francis MARQUETTE, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have worked all my life to have my Social Security. Why in the world would there be a salary cap for rich people?

    • g.g. gordon MARQUETTE, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Whenever a politician, from any party, starts talking about the problems with Social Security, the media should ask "What are your thoughts on lifting the salary cap on contributions?". I cannot understand why this proposal is rarely, if ever, mentioned, nor can I understand what rationale, other than favoritism to the rich, underpins the existence of the salary cap.


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