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Stop Israel's nuclear arsenal, the real threat to world peace.
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United Nations Security Council

Stop Israel's nuclear arsenal, the real threat to world peace.

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Stop Nuclear Israel- English

Since 1974, the UN has been urging the establishment of a Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction. Since 1974, the attempts have failed or have been misled. On behalf of our shared humanity, the Stop Israel Nuclear Campaign wants to pressure the UN, by means of a petition, as the expression of our shared voices, so that a country with huge belligerent desires and destructive capabilities, supposedly representing the occidental world but being the real threat for the Middle East, abides by the resolutions and sees its nuclear arsenal inspected.

Stop Nuclear Israel- Français 

Depuis 1974 que l’ONU essaye d’établir une zone libre d’armes de destruction massive au moyen orient. Depuis 1974 que les tentatives échouent ou se dévient subtilement de l’objectif. Au nom de notre humanité partagée, la Campagne Stop Israel Nuclear désire forcer l’ONU, au moyen d’une pétition comme expression de notre voix commune, pour qu’un pays, aux immenses désirs belliqueux et capacités destructives, supposément représentant du monde occidental mais étant le véritable danger pour le Moyen Orient, obéisse aux appels et demandes et que son arsenal nucléaire soit inspecté.

Stop Israel Nuclear Português

Desde 1974 que a ONU procura estabelecer um Médio Oriente livre de armas de destruição massiva. Desde 1974 que as tentativas fracassam ou são simplesmente iludidas. Pela nossa humanidade partilhada, a Campanha Stop Israel Nuclear pretende pressionar a ONU, por meio de uma petição, envolvendo a voz da nossa humanidade, para que um país, com grandes desejos bélicos e capacidades destruidoras, supostamente representante do mundo ocidental mas constituindo a verdadeira ameaça para o médio Oriente, obedeça aos reiterados apelos e avisos e que o seu arsenal nuclear seja inspeccionado.

Stop Israel Nuclear- Español

Desde 1974, la ONU ha instado a la creación en Oriente Próximo de una zona libre de armas de destrucción masiva. Desde 1974,estos  intentos han fracasado o han sido manipulados. En nombre de nuestra humanidad, la Campaña Stop Israel Nuclear quiere presionar a la ONU, por medio de una petición, con la expresión de nuestras voces compartidas, para logra  que un país con enormes deseos beligerantes y capacidades destructivas, y que supuestamente, representa al mundo occidental, pero que  es la verdadera amenaza para el Oriente Medio, se atienga a las resoluciones y ve a su arsenal nuclear inspeccionado.






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    • muhd isnizal MALAYSIA, MALAYSIA
      • 10 months ago

      israel laknatullah

    • James Irr YUMA,, AZ
      • 11 months ago

      Since taking foreign policy in college, and learning the uncensored version of world politics and history i have found that the Israeli government, unlike Iran, actually has a nuclear Arsenal, and continually threatens other nations with this prospect. Foreign aid to the UN created country has been estimated to be at $2.775 billion in 2010, and 2012 about $3.1billion dollars the most being, 2000 when Clinton gave $3.12 Billion Dollars in "aid". this is a nation that commits genocide against muslims on the Gaza Strip( essentially a concentration camp, no aid allowed in, repeatedly bombed), and is aggressive to nations around it. They also receive weapons, and fighters from our nation since the US is the worlds largest arms dealer. Israeli Terrorists/Fascists/murderers should not get the treatment of the favorite child, it is time to end Israeli terror, and oppression.

    • Phoebe Shalash AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Israel has recently proven its willingness to use nuclear weapons when it used depleted uranium in illegal strikes against Syria. Their nuclear arsenal combined with their irrational sense of divine righteousness is a threat to all mankind.

      • about 1 year ago


      • about 1 year ago

      I think its hypocritical for Israel to say Iran should not develop nuclear weapons when Israel has nuclear weapons itself.


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