Honor the Tickets
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Honor the Tickets

    1. Kevin Baradar
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      Kevin Baradar

      Yorba Linda, CA

On Monday, October 14th, many customers were able to, through United Airlines's own website, purchase tickets at a discounted rate. United Airlines Inc. is accusing their customers of 'intentional manipulation' of their website in order to achieve these discounted rates. In reality all one had to do in order to have 'intentionally manipulated' their website was have two tabs open when searching for tickets, or simply press the refresh button on the window they were currently on. Both of these are common practice for anyone looking for tickets for a flight, as everyone knows ticket prices change constantly. 


Now, after they [United Airlines, Inc.] have charged credit cards and handed out confirmation codes, a now embarrassed United Airlines, is back tracing their steps and canceling everyone's tickets who booked through this 'glitch' on their website. Saying that simply because you were charged for a ticket and handed a confirmation code, DOES NOT mean that you acquired a seat on the flight you chose, but simply reserved a seat in which they can retract at any time.


At the time of this petition going live United Airlines Inc., in a frantic effort, has actively been deleting flights from itineraries with no explanation being given to their customers. 


Sign this petition to demand that United Airlines Inc. honors the tickets that they sold through legitimate means on their website! 


Jeff Smisek, CEO United Airlines
Honor the Tickets

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    • mark stana BANGOR, UNITED STATES
      • 4 months ago

      This is the customer service business! Treat the customer right.

    • Linsey Wirt SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because UA claims that they only honor tickets made in error from 'human' error, not 'computer' error. Who programmed the computers, robots? The computers were programmed by humans, therefore--HUMAN ERROR. Honor your word!

    • Helen Lam LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      There are 3 major reasons why: 1.) Users are not responsible for United's website programming error.United Airlines should test their website before allowing users to buy tickets if there are fundamental faults. 2.) I had no communication from United that there was an error when purchasing my ticket. 3.) I have made corresponding travel plans before knowing they would cancel.

    • Vlad Idelman SHERMAN OAKS, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Not only did United CLAIM they called me the day of to inform me (They HADNT and claimed they left a message), they never sent and email or anything. I had to find out via the news. Also, I had purchased travel insurance through their website that they are refusing to refund that cost. United owes its customers more.

    • Dexter Hart SARATOGA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      because they are putting the blame on their customers, when it is really their glitch and should take ownership of their website / failures.


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