SACK the Current President , p mc quaid & Honorary President h verbruggen

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      skippy mc carthy

      kramsach, Austria

Currently the UCI is seen to be out of control by ALL Stakeholders ! Examples of this are abundant , but in the last days we have seen the Director General , perhaps directed by members of the UCI Management board , try to introduce Retroactive Legislation in respect to the Upcoming Presidential Election , AFTER nominations for that Election HAD CLOSED !

Had this been Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or the " Dear Leader of North Korea " , we could ALL enjoy the mirth ! However , this appears to be the work of Jim burn ( that englishman in 1970s South Africa , who was discovered to be Pat Mc Quaid and subsequently LIFETIME BANNED by the IOC for breach of their Sporting Rules )

Would appear that although Swiss Authorities have been advised in 2012 , that Pat Mc Quaid & Hein Verbruggen had acted in a manner contrary to Swiss Law , no action has been forth coming .

Further ton the Immediate dismissal of Pat Mc Quaid and the removal of Hein Verbruggen from his " Honorory Position " , UCI should PRODUCE for consideration at the Firenze Congress , a NEW Constitution and Charter that be Implemented as of 1st January 2014 WITH NO RETROVECTIVE MEASURES !

Failure to remove Mc Quaid & Verbruggen should cause the IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION of the Boards of ALL UCI Federations , so that EACH COUNTRY , can call on their ENTIRE PAID UP MEMBERSHIP , to VOTE Enmasse as close to 1st December 2013 for NEW BOARD MEMBERS and the NEW CHARTER & CONSTITUTION !

Cycling Sport STAKEHOLDERS and the Fan base deserve people of INTEGRITY to serve their NEEDS ! Currently what we see is the actions of " Despots 2 similar to the rulers of Zimbabwe & Nth Korea !

IN DEMOCRACIES the people DESERVE Democratic Process !

SACK the Current President , p mc quaid & Honorary President h verbruggen

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    • enid card HARRINGTON PARK, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      Currently, UCI and its president seem to be incredibly corrupt and in danger of damaging cycling even further than it has by those who cheat fans and clean riders.

    • Gerry Violette NEW YORK, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      As a cyclist and human being I hate to see such corruption in UCI

    • Harry Tenney EL PASO, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      Pat McQuaid has been criminal in allowing Lance Armstrong and some other professional cyclists in doping, while destroying other professional cyclists caught doping.

      Pat McQuaid hasn't been running the UIC in the manner that all of the UCI policies have intended how the UCI should operate.

      Pat McQuaid is ruiing cycling for his own egos.

    • skippy mc carthy KRAMSACH, AUSTRIA
      • about 1 year ago

      2 people who have led UCI to become the laughing stock of SPORT !


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