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Pull Suave Kertain Smoothing Kit from the market

    1. Kailee Kovach
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      Kailee Kovach

      Pittston, PA

Suave is one of the more frequently purchased and trusted hair care brand across the country. It is used by people of every type and I use their products on my hair. However, after reading reviews across several different websites, Unilever needs to pull Suave's new keratin smoothing kit from shelves. It's become alarmingly clear that this product is causing major hair loss, scalp lesions and painful, buring scalps .It has also been reviewed as permanently removing the natural curl or shape of hair, and permanently damaging or destroying the hair, despite claiming to only last 30 days. In addition, the ingredients and the name are misleading; the ingredients are consistent with a perm or chemical relaxer, yet it claims to be a keratin treatment.

Suave has only commented on these reviews, instructed those with terrible experiences to call the company's number or to email them. After having called these numbers, Suave seems to only really care about the fact that scalps have had tingling or burning sensations, and is not concerned with the widespread hairloss, or the fact that these women are reporting widespread and permanent damage to their hair, giving the impression that they know of issues with the products to begin with and are more concerned with avoiding lawsuits. People have also claimed to be sent coupons as compensation. While this issue is clearly not the largest or most important on change.org, this is still not a product that should be on shelves or anywhere for that matter. In addition, Suave's actions have not nearly sufficed as handling the clear issues with the product. Coupons do not suffice as compensation for permanently damaged hair or widespread hairloss, or scalp lesions.

I have not used this product but my mom came extremely close to using this product and based off of just reading some reviews, there are some serious issues with this product. So Suave, please remove this product from the shelves and put a stop to the now close to 120 women who are losing their hair and having major scalp damage.

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    • Patricia Condon BILLERICA, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      This product ruined my hair

    • Rosemary Dandaro-Hayes GREENFIELD, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      Suave Keratin ruined my long hair. After it I lost so much hair that need to cut very short on my neck. I consider this Unilever product a poison to hair.

    • Sharon Whalen DADE CITY, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I have used this product and now my hair is bald on the top of my head and my hair is falling out. My scalp hurts it is not burnt but it still hurts. I had to go to a dermatologist to get a topical to put on my head.

      I have contacted an attorney who is going to represent me against Suave I sign the papers on Thursday 5/3/2012.

      If you go to youtube and look up suave infusion review and look for the picture of a plastic bag with hair that's my video click it and see all the hair that came out in the shower.

      Suave contacted me and said that they will send me a reimbursement form to fill out for approval for my expenses to get my hair corrected and pay medical bills.

      They also said that they will send me coupons are they serious do they think I would purchase another product of theirs.

      I am sure once they get the reimbursement form I am sure it will be denied. So to make things easier for them and me I got an attorney to deal with them.

      • over 2 years ago

      My hair is damaged from this product. I found this product to be misleading (false advertising) and appears to be causing a great deal of damage to many women. I am horrified at the outcome of my hair, it will never be the same until it grows out. I've had to cut beautiful very long, very cared for hair. I'm speanding a fortune on hair conditoning treatments and other natural resources to impart some of the moisture that was striped from my hair, it's like sticks, sounds like hay when you rub it together, even after cutting so much off. This product needs to be removed from the shelves, or repackaged with the words RELAXER/PERM On the front, and the TV ads need to be as explicit.

      The coupons they sent me, paid for Nexxus shampoo, and 3.99 for a Suave product.

      I'm pissed, I'm spending money and so much time trying to rectify falling prey to this horrible damaging product.

    • Evelyn Noth NAPERVILLE, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      My hair is irreparably ruined! I had a keratin treatment done at a salon 8 months ago and the result was beautiful healthy hair. And now I have the worst and most awful hair cut do to the fact that I had to completely chop my hair all off. I have been crying since yesterday after using this product. This product has to go!!!!


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