Unemployment: We need a Tier 5, NOW!
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Unemployment: We need a Tier 5, NOW!

    1. Nathalie Armsworthy
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      Nathalie Armsworthy

      Ft Lauderdale, FL

Mr. President, Senators and Representatives: 

Please, we are now begging of you, stop ignoring the American people who are reduced to poverty.  We did not create this depression but we are living it, everyday.  We need help. NOW. People who were fully employed, paying taxes, and raising families are now paying the ultimate price.  You are deliberately failing us by ignoring our most basics and urgent needs.  As of today, there are still no plans to add additional weeks of benefit to existing tiers or/and a tier V to keep us from becoming increasingly destitute. 

Hundred of thousands people have lost or will lose all financial support. I, myself received my last benefit check of $102 on March 15, How long do you suppose my daughters and myself will survive?
These benefits are simply meant to keep food on our tables and a roof over our heads. No luxuries, just the basics... How long will it be before we become part of the sad statistics and become another American homeless family when we cannot afford our electric or gas bills? Rent/mortgage? How about food? What do I tell my children when they are hungry? Yes, homelessness and suicide is in the increase, does anyone care in Washington? How many tragedies will you need before addressing this issue? This is the result of your own doing. You will have blood on your hands.

We have money to help the rest of the world when a catastrophe strikes, how about starting in our own backyard for a change and take care of the American people first???? It is not only a national catastrophe but a modern tragedy that should be getting your undivided attention.
Do not end benefits until there are actually jobs for us. As of now, there is still only 1 job for every 6 unemployed workers.



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