Reject proposals to deregulate childminders.
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Reject proposals to deregulate childminders.

    1. Penny  Webb
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      Penny Webb

      Kidderminster, United Kingdom

October 2012


The UK Government was urging to reject proposals to deregulate childminders, to undertake full and current research into all aspects of registered childminding and to consult with experts in the field and national representative organisations. This campaign was started by Penny Webb, and supported 11,229 signatures.


First, thanks to everyone for your fantastic support on this campaign. We’ve built up a huge group of supporters and started to make this a really important issue.

Liz Truss MP, who wrote the paper on deregulation which forced us to start the campaign has now been made minister for early years care. This is disappointing, but not surprising. What we’re worried about now is that these plans, which threaten the quality of child care of children across England and Wales, may now become policy.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be campaigning to convince Liz Truss and her Government colleagues that they should not undermine the hard work that childminders have put in to delivering outstanding care at a crucial time in children’s development.

Please ask friends and family to sign our petition - this campaign is in all of our hands.

Thanks and best wishes

Penny Webb.




We urge the Government to undertake full and current research into all aspects of registered childminding and to consult with experts in the field, national representative organisations and most importantly those who are practising registered childminders, before deciding on the future regulation and inspection requirements of childminders.

We understand the Government’s desire to cut childcare costs for parents and need to reduce Government budgets; however as registered childminders we are an integral part of the childcare market providing professional, home based childcare that meets the needs of parents, providing more flexible hours, the ability for siblings of all ages to be cared for together, care from birth to teenage years ensuring continuity of care, and lower ratios that centre based care.

Registered childminders are regulated and inspected, they follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and meet the legal requirements in the same way all other early years settings do. This ensures that all children receive high quality care and learning opportunities and that early years settings have a common language when practicing multi agency working.

Before reaching any decision which will impact on parent’s choice of regulated childcare, children’s equality of opportunities and childminders businesses, the government must build upon the significant progress that has been made in the childminding sector in recent years, ensuring that this is a step forward with positive benefits to all but especially for children because opportunities to reach their full potential, once missed are hard if not impossible to recreate and failure to safeguard a child can never be reversed.

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 10,000 signatures
    2. Early Day Motion 165

      Debbie Broadhurst
      Petition Organizer

      At Early Day Motion has been generated by Alan Meale MP for Mansfield to challenge the Deregulation of Childminders in the UK. To date the motion has been sponsored by 5 other MP's including Glenda Jackson. In addition Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover has issued Amendment 165A1 to this Early Day Motion.

      Please help generate support for these by bringing it to local your MP's attention asking them to look at Early Day Motion 165 and asking if they will sponsor the motion.

      Thank you for signing the petition, for your continued support and for telling people about our campaign. There are still many people to tell - so please keep talking to as many people as you can.

    3. Deregulation = No EYFS, Hurrah!.....NOT SO!

      Debbie Broadhurst
      Petition Organizer

      There are some who think that if childminders are deregulated that they will no longer have EYFS to contend with. Organisations that communicate that the EYFS is a 'regime' that encourages 'quasi-formal learning' are now using the deregulation of childminders proposals as a vehicle to drive their own agenda, they suggest our petition is a 'knee jerk reaction' and that we are all 'simplistically ideological'.

      The campaign against the deregulation of childminders is the protection of the sustainability of childminders businesses ensuring parents have a choice of good quality childcarers who will care for their children, keep them safe and extend their learning through play. It is not about the merits of the EYFS!

      So I say to this organisation and its followers: Be careful if you are not supporting the campaign on the promise that you no longer have to complete the EYFS. If childminders are deregulated, we stand to loose a lot - the EYFS is not one of those things and that is fact!

    4. Reached 7,000 signatures
    5. Wow – 6000 signatures!

      Debbie Broadhurst
      Petition Organizer

      The idea of a petition started when members of 'childminding help' forum wanted to do ‘something’.

      The campaign has extended beyond the forum and childminders and parents have been working hard to promote the petition via social media sites, leaflets, talking to colleagues, friends, family and parents of minded children.

      It is rewarding to see the ‘snowball’ effect as those signing the petition have passed on the information to colleagues, friends and family.

      We want to invite people to contribute to our updates –so if you are a childminder, parent or other interested party and would like to write something about registered childminding, a successful meeting with your MP or something you are doing to promote the campaign, please email

      The campaign is an example of partnership working and through this ‘team’ effort we can make a difference.

      Please keep sharing and encouraging signatures. Thank You!

    6. Reached 6,000 signatures
    7. Today I was a patient then I was a monster

      Debbie Broadhurst
      Petition Organizer

      Today I was a patient, I had lots of doctors & nurses tending to my care. One child took my temperature, another got a milk top and said I could press the blue button to call for help. I had boy nurses and girl doctors and despite their tender years they were quite knowledgeable - a feather in my face would cure my headache and repeatedly bending my hand and wrist would stop my arm from hurting.

      Later I was a scary monster, and every time I fell asleep the children would jump onto my back to wake me up, they counted together and then.....up I rose and they tumbled crashing on heap on the floor laughing until all their bellies ached. Again! Again! they cried!

      Play is important and childminders extend children's learning through play opportunities, we are early years educators not babysitters. Thank you for signing, we still need more people like you to sign the petition so please spread the word. Thank you on behalf of all childminders, keep us regulated & keep children learning!

    8. Reached 5,000 signatures
    9. 4000 Signatures Reached!

      Debbie Broadhurst
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for your support in signing the petition UK Government:Reject Proposals to deregulate childminders.

      As a professional childminder, I and other childminders just like me are delighted that so many people have added their names to the growing list. The petition has 4000 signatures in its first week!

      Have you done all you can to support the campaign? If you concerned enough with proposals to sign then your partner or spouse may be equally concerned - has he/she signed it? Have you told colleagues, friends, family about the plans? Have you spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network groups? Have you canvassed your local area spoken to childminders you know, parents who use childminders?

      HELP US keep on getting signatures to ensure that UK Government understand that this is an issue that is important to us all

      Thank you

    10. Reached 4,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 2 years ago

      Childminders are an important part of any community, with both parents having to work these days just to survive. It is important that Parents know that their children are safe and receiving the best care possible, with a responsible carer and that their children are progressing and not in the hands of an abuser, you need to know you can trust your childminder and that they will do their best for your child..

      • about 2 years ago

      I have had a bad childminder in the past when my son was very young. I have recently found the most amazing childminder who has really brought my son out of his shell and has helped me to bring him up as a happy and outgoing little boy. I pay a little bit more for this priviledge but I am happy to do so. Both of these childminders live in the same area and it is not fair that they should have the same or similar reports. There are so many things about this policy that are just not right!!!

    • Abdul Wahab Abdulkany DEHIWALA, SRI LANKA
      • about 2 years ago

      Children are the assets of any country, if they are not taken care of, the society will suffer.

    • charlie gosden LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      this invites child abuse and disregards years of hard work by thousands of people trained to care for our children

    • deborah gosden LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      it is very important our children are cared for by regulated childminders if anyone can childmind our children are at great risk of abuise neglect and even peodophilar


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