UK Government: Make the Victimisation of Whistleblowers a crime
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UK Government: Make the Victimisation of Whistleblowers a crime

    1. Lucien Taylor
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      Lucien Taylor

      Oxford, United Kingdom

Whistleblowers perform a public service, bringing to light the activities of wrongdoers, often at great risk to themselves, their health, and their future careers. We wish to address the public outcry at the treatment of whistleblowers in the UK.

Every day, we hear reports in the press, action groups, and tales of the desperate plight of people who have spoken out against the activities of law breakers, some even driven to suicide. For example,

- Violinist Frances Andrade committed suicide after giving evidence against the man who had sexually abused her. Her family accused police and CPS of letting her down.

- Families of Hillsborough victims were accused of lying by police chiefs. It took over 20 years of persistent campaigning in the face of establishment cover up before the truth was revealed.

- A report for the BBC in the wake of the Savile child abuse revelations describes the "strong undercurrent" of fear at the corporation, which prevented whistleblowers from coming forward for over forty years.

- A former director of the Care Quality Commission reported "I am tainted because I spoke up" about failings in Mid Staffordshire Hospital and that when she tried to raise concerns internally "all I got was either denial or a sense that I was the problem".

- In our case, my wife Emily, a lawyer previously working for Nominet UK (a private company fulfilling a public purpose in providing .UK internet domain services), won a court action for disability discrimination, victimisation of a whistleblower and aggravated damages against her employers for their 'deception' and 'high-handed' and 'insulting' behaviour. Despite damning findings, the directors of Nominet remain in place, claim that the tribunal "broadly supported" the company, meanwhile government officials have failed to investigate live allegations of breaches of directors' duties.

Whistleblowing protection exists, but it is clearly failing the most vulnerable, and that's not in the public interest.

We petition the UK Government to make victimisation of whistleblowers a crime. We argue that current legislation is not enough to temper the behaviour of cynical employers and complacent officials.  The law needs to be changed to protect whistleblowers from victimisation, with real-world repercussions for those who do, even custodial sentences for the worst offenders.

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    2. Nominet’s Libel Case Collapses

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      The company responsible for .CO.UK domain names has dropped its libel lawsuit against a blogger who alleged ‘dishonest’ behaviour by the CEO. The company in 2012 was fined aggravated damages for victimisation of a whistleblower and yet continues to enjoy the unquestioning support of Government officials implicated in the scandal, and the praises and support of the Minister, Ed Vaisey, responsible for the industry.

      Tell Safely campaigners are calling for a root and branch review of the scandal, and the handling of whistleblower concerns. Government officials at Dept Culture Media and Sport seem unable to grasp the basics of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (1998), claiming that whistleblowers must be ‘employees’ of the reported organisation to qualify under the protection. To date, they have refused to meet with the campaigners.

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    4. Whistleblowers want protection to root out wrongdoing - Daily Telegraph

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Last week's Telegraph quoted Tell Safely's own Emily Taylor in this piece which focuses on the experiences of whistleblowers including Michael Woodford (former president of Olympus).

      Whistleblowers want protection to root out wrongdoing

      Similar to the US model, Whistleblowers UK wants to see the proceeds of fines imposed as a result of a whistleblower's actions shared out. Some 25pc will go to the Government, 25pc to the "Office of the Whistleblower", a new body the group wants set up to help protect and encourage whistleblowers, 30pc to the whistleblower themselves, and the remaining 20pc going to a central fund.

    5. Whistleblower describes the impact on mental health

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Whistleblower Emily Taylor, and her daughter Alice Taylor are featured today on Champions Club as part of their "Make a Difference Mondays" series. Emily describes the impact of raising concerns on individuals and their families. Alice Taylor is interviewed about her response to the issue - a documentary about depression

      MAD Mondays Episode 2 - Emily & Alice Taylor

      Presenter Ali Hill interviews Emily Taylor, an Internet Lawyer and whistleblower who was dismissed for raising concerns about work practices, and her daughter Alice Taylor who has made a documentary about her mother's period of depression after the dismissal.

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    7. Ryanair pilots 'bullied into silence' over safety concerns

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Dangerous hospitals, fiddling banks, and now airline safety concerns. Thank goodness for people willing to risk their jobs to speak out. The key here is that the Ryanair pilots have stuck together to take on the 'bullies'.

      Until there is a change in law, individuals will continue to be picked on, bullied and made to suffer detriment for speaking out. Would you do it?

      Ryanair pilots 'bullied into silence over safety': Two-thirds say they are not comfortable raising fears with their bosses

      90% say airline doesn't have 'open and transparent safety culture' Three-quarters of Ryanair pilots said to be on zero-hours contracts Must pay for all their expenses, including uniforms and transport Pilots claim contracts make them more likely to fly even when unwell By Louise Eccles PUBLISHED: 18:01 EST, 11 August 2013 | UPDATED: 18:01 EST, 11 August 2013 Pilots for budget airline Ryanair have expressed serious concerns about passenger safety - and claim that these are suppressed by bosses.

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    9. Emily and Lucien interviewed for BBC Radio 4 whistleblowing documentary

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      John Waite, of Face the Facts, today interviewed Emily and Lucien Taylor on the experience of being a whistleblower, and the Tell Safely campaign. Will be broadcast in September

    10. BBC learns "hard lessons" after suicide of reporter

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      The inquest of BBC reporter Russell Joslin this week concluded that his death was suicide. Mr Joslin had made allegations of sexual harrassment by a colleague, in the wake of the Savile enquiry, and believed the corporation had not taken them seriously.

      BBC man had 'colleague problem'

      A BBC journalist who is thought to have killed himself had problems with a female colleague, an inquest has heard. Russell Joslin, 50, a radio reporter for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, died in hospital last October. At the hearing in Leamington Spa, the coroner has ruled the identity of the woman cannot be revealed.

    11. Tell Safely Campaign features in Oxford Times today

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      4 July 2013. The Tell Safely Campaign is featured in the Oxford Times, Lucien and Emily Taylor pictured, and Emily quoted.

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    13. Changes to whistleblower laws today - more lip service

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Here are key points of changes which came into force today:

      1. Employees have to show that a disclosure is in the "public interest"
      2. Employee's motivation is irrelevant in making the disclosure
      3. Co-workers who victimise whistleblowers can be liable
      4. Employers need to take reasonable steps to prevent (3) from happening to avoid liability for co-worker victimisation.

      We think the changes don't go far enough. For more detailed analysis and interaction, please join the discussion on our Facebook page

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    15. "Not Quite There" selected for BPF festival

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Alice Taylor (17)'s short film "Not Quite There" has made the finals of the BPF Shorts Film Festival. The film is about the health repercussions of whistleblowing. Congratulations, Alice! Watch the trailer here (with thanks to Rebekah Tolley and AFU)

      Not Quite There (2013)

      Directed by Alice Taylor. With Not Applicablt Not Applicable. This documentary short is by first time film maker Alice Taylor (age 17), a student of the Abingdon Film Unit at Abingdon School, in the UK. 'Not Quite There' explores the challenges of depression from the point of view of a sufferer.

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    17. New Facebook page for Latest news and chatter, and your stories

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to everyone who has supported this important campaign. Please keep sharing the petition with people you know - on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

      We've also set up a facebook campaign page for the latest news and chatter and your stories 182 likes · 0 talking about this. Whistleblowers perform a public service, bringing to light the activities of wrongdoers, often at great risk to themselves, their health, and their future careers. We wish to address the public outcry at the treatment of whistleblowers in the UK.

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    19. Emily meets Cuban dissident, Joani Sanchez

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      This week, the Stockholm Internet Forum on online human rights focused on the plight of bloggers who use the Internet to highlight injustice on the part of governments or public authorities.
      Joani Sanchez, of the blogsite Generacion Y, spoke of the daily harassment she and others suffer, for writing the truth about living under the regime of Fidel Castro. She said that the worst is:
      “The character assassination, and the social isolation. That you see people who were your friends turn away, and avoid you.”
      This is from a person who has been kidnapped, beaten, and whose blogsite regularly sustains distributed denial of service attacks.
      Any whistleblower will recognise the sense of isolation that Joani describes as a result of speaking up and trying to change things for the better. The difference is - we live in a democracy!
      The current law is not working. Please sign, circulate and help to change it.

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    21. Tragic story of RSPCA whistleblower who took her own life

      Lucien Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Today's Mail carries this distressing story of Dawn Aubrey-Ward, animal lover and RSPCA inspector. When she raised concerns about the number of animals put down by RSPCA, the organisation responded by "publicly attacking [her] character and integrity". How long do we have to read these terrible stories? Join our campaign now for a change in the law Please share.

      What drove the RSPCA whistle blower to take her own life? Former inspector who claimed the charity destroys many 'healthy' animals is found hanged

      Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, blew the whistle in a Mail on Sunday interview Mother-of-four left final Facebook message which said 'that's it, I give up' She was found hanged in her home in Matlock, Somerset By Guy Adams PUBLISHED: 19:44 EST, 14 May 2013 | UPDATED: 20:19 EST, 14 May 2013 You had only to cross the threshold of the small rented West Country cottage where Dawn Aubrey-Ward lived with two of her daughters to appreciate the extraordinary extent of her devotion to animals.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Charlotte Peters Rock KNUTSFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 months ago

      Because the incompetent should not be rewarded. They should have their funds taken back and appear in Court

      • 6 months ago

      I am a victim

      • 6 months ago

      The most interesting news stories came from Whistleblowers not the controlled media.

      • 6 months ago

      This is a fundamental need to protect the Public if you want the help of their eyes & ears. I complained to an International Blue Chip Company about law breaking safety problem(s) but not outside of the company! (loyal?) I got fired and branded = Gross Misconduct.

    • John Humphreys WREXHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 months ago

      This is the page showing corruption on a massive scale so why? The British Government have been paying Merseycare NHS to eliminate cost by murdering their elderly who qualify for NHS ongoing care.


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