Denounce police violence & Make UCD a university of the 99% or RESIGN!
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Linda Katehi

Denounce police violence & Make UCD a university of the 99% or RESIGN!

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      UC Davis Progressive Alumni Network

      San Francisco, CA

If you are a UC Davis alumni, stand in solidarity with the staff, students and faculty of UC Davis who are outraged by the police brutality against peaceful student protestors on November 18. Remind the UC Davis Chancellor that she must hold the police officers and police chief accountable for their actions, but even more than that, she must take up the challenge of making UC Davis a university of the 99% or RESIGN!

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    • Adam Barr WASHINGTON, DC
      • almost 3 years ago

      Class of 2005

      ASUCD Senator

      President, Men Acting Against Rape

      Member, Campus Council for Information Technology

      Like hundreds of thousands of other UC Davis alumni, I continue to watch in shame the militant response to the Occupy UC Davis students. The crackdown on these peaceful protesters was especially troubling since the Administration supposedly shares the grievances of the students. Instead of fighting against students, the Administration should be supporting their efforts to bring attention to this continuing injustice. The State of California needs to reinvest in higher education. But first, those responsible for violence against students need to step down or be fired.

    • Susy Boyd LAHONDA, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Class of 1989, BA/MA Rhetoric & Communication

      The main reason I'm signing is because of Ms. Katehi's initial response to the incident, in which she clearly and flatly stated support for the police actions. She didn't change her message until the public outrage started streaming in.

      I also believe she displayed poor judgment and lack of integrity in accepting a 27% pay increase while our state budget is crumbling and student tuition rates are exploding.

      Finally, public outcry and demand for her accountability has reached the global level. This has become an international embarrassment and without the support of the student body nor faculty nor public at large, her fundraising days are decimated. There are many other men and women out there who are capable of representing UC Davis as our Chancellor in a far more positive and valuable manner.

    • Anne Metcalf SACRAMENTO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Class of 1999

      • almost 3 years ago

      B.A., 01

      J.D., 05

      La Raza Law Student Assoc. Co-Chair, 03-04; ASUCD Vice President, 00-01;

      EOP PAC, 99-01

      As an alumna, I am disappointed in the forceful action taken against peaceful students protesting. Efforts need to be taken to ensure that the safety of the entire campus community is maintained, while maintaining a quality education for students.

    • Laura Thatcher OAKLAND, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      alumni as of june 2011. i sign this in support of UCD students, and in solidarity with all who have experienced the violence of the UC administration and the UCPD.


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