Discontent at lack of representation in AC: Unity protagonists
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Discontent at lack of representation in AC: Unity protagonists

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      Jessica Smith

      Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This petition has been created to express the disappointment of Ubisoft fans at the lack of representation of people of colour and females in the four-protagonist line-up of the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Unity. We believe that the Assassin's Creed series, a franchise with infinite scope, does not reflect the needs of its demographic well enough: the lack of a female character has been referred to as "unfortunate, but...a reality of game development", and the possibility of an ethnic minority protagonist seems to have not even been breached. Representation is important, and in a game which boasts 5000 NPCs, this is not good enough. 

Discontent at lack of representation in AC: Unity protagonists

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    • Rustem Bazarbayev Астана, KAZAKHSTAN
      • 6 days ago

      Love a girls)

      • 9 days ago

      I only want to fuck ubisoft

    • Alli J CAMP HILL, PA
      • 10 days ago

      Just signing this to say all the guys who state, " Well AC is part of a single family line" or " Since they're only tracking the male DNA means you can't be a woman" Welp you all didn't play Black Flag then did you? Lack of completionists if you did you would've found:

      1. The FP modern hero you is you isn't even related to the Kenway's bloodline becasue

      2. They established thanks to project zero and liberations you don't need to be related to or be the same gender as the person you're viewing Ave descendant interacting with her code was a man!

      3. After Desmond's fate his line and family tree are done no one either ancestor nor modern protag need to be related to him in anyway.

      4. Everyone wants to play a woman has been asking since AC with things like because they like the series yet want to play as their gender or woman because they like the variety that brings.

      5. Ave shares more of the same animations and skeleton movements with Connor then Hythem or any other assassin.

      6. And no one cared she moved and killed like Connor

      7. They've established in both AC lib and AC4 that the Templars have rewritten history so when ubi can make a woman body guard in the middle ages and Kidd hide her sex then they can you know look up actual history and find the women or create the instances where the hero can be picked by the player or outright be a woman like the Civil War or make a story about the Trung Sisters and their 36 women generals fighting China but nope to them women don't exist even when ubi is constantly proven wrong by their fans everytime they announce a new era and say its all dudes they find women who went and did the male things anyway like warriors on the frontlines, pirates, inventors,and adventurers..

      So ubi is lazy wants underwear assassin gear or giggle physics or just as bad they want to keep excluding women because despite the fact they keep claiming women just don't exist in the time frames they choose you can keep finding examples of women who didn't perscribe to their social standards.

      Its also proven over and over again both orders do not proscribe nor employ the same social constrictions the areas around them do like my fem assassins in ACRev weren't in burqas as long as you fight for the order they don't give a crap if the society hates women and wants them all chain in the basement they won't chain you up, will send you on the same assignments to kill, sabotage, and steal as the men, all you need to do is fallow their code and everything else is permitted.

    • boill sman WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI
      • 12 days ago

      The lack of a female protagonist is unfair. Female characters can be badass as well!

    • Mr. Hall CINCINNATI, OH
      • 13 days ago

      I'm only signing this to say how fucking stupid this petition is. AC is about a single family line. There won't be any black people or Asians in it.


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