Legalize Marijuana Everywhere!
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Legalize Marijuana Everywhere!

    1. Crystal Rhae Perkins
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      Crystal Rhae Perkins

      San Antonio, TX

Hi, my name is Crystal Rhae Perkins. I'm just your not so normal, yet average, 23 year old girl from Texas. And probably like you I don't agree that Marijuana should be illegal. So read on and help me change that.

Marijuana isn't harmless, but it can't be anymore dangerous than Alcohol. Millions of people die year after year from Alcohol related deaths. The only thing you're really harming by smoking Marijuana, is your lungs, and you don't even have to smoke it you can eat it if you want to. People worry about their lungs and say that's why Marijuana is bad, but cigarettes are legal and they harm your lungs just as bad.

I know for a fact Alcohol damages your liver too and makes people go out of their minds, not to mention drive and not be able to control themselves or their vehicle, causing innocent children and many other people to suffer. So why is this legal and Marijuana is so bad? It helps more than it hurts.

Also, one more fun fact. Over 12 BILLION of your taxpayer dollars are being used each year to keep Marijuana illegal. Tell me how that's right? That's a waste of money and time.

Join me, help make Marijana legal. For medical purposes of course. :)

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    • robert dorr SWANSBORO, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a medical marijuana user from North Carolina, where it is still illegal. We are not up against common sense here, we are up against pharmaceutical and alcohol lobbies who throw money at politicians. Good luck to common sense in trying to overcome very common greed. I have a petition as well for medical marijuana in North Carolina, I hope some of you will take a minute to sign. Thanks.


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