U.S. Policies Must Help Prevent Genocide and War Atrocities
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U.S. Policies Must Help Prevent Genocide and War Atrocities

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War atrocities don’t happen in a vacuum – they happen when no one steps in to stop them. Current policy and government bureaucracy leaves the U.S. ill-equipped to prevent mass atrocities and genocides.

While President Obama has taken some necessary steps to address these issues, the US must do better by building early warning systems, initiating programs that tackle the root causes of conflict and supporting preventive peacekeeping initiatives that can make a difference for those living amidst conflict.

Tell President Obama: there is no place for war atrocities in our world.

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    1. Hey Obama! Remember Rwanda?

      Scene 1: On September 11, 2001, less than 3,000 people were killed in an horrific attack on American civilian life.
      In response the U.S. has led much of the world into two massive, expensive and deadly wars. Security policies have been completely...


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