U.S. Passport Application Should Allow for Same-Sex Parents
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U.S. Passport Application Should Allow for Same-Sex Parents

    1. Dana Rudolph
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      Dana Rudolph

      Boston, MA

The current application form for a U.S. passport asks for the applicant's "Father's Name" and "Mother's Name." Those with same-sex parents must cross out one or the other and write in the correct title. While on one level this is a minor administrative annoyance, it is also a reminder that same-sex parents and our children are not fully accepted and our existence is often forgotten. For minor children of same-sex couples who watch their parents complete the form, it can be yet another example of how their families are marginalized.

Changing the form to read "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" is a simple, accurate, and inclusive way to remedy this matter.

Allowing for the possibility of same-sex parents on a form like this also reminds other people that we exist and that our presence is recognized by the State Department.

The Department of State under President Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton has been one of the leading federal departments in terms of supporting LGBT rights. It now allows passport changes for lesbian and gay people who take a new surname when they legally marry, and allows transgender people to change the gender listed on their passport even without gender reassignment surgery.

Changing the passport application to be more inclusive of those with same-sex parents would continue this positive trend.

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