Creation of a Conflict Mineral Committee
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Creation of a Conflict Mineral Committee

    1. Jenna Kunz
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      Jenna Kunz

      sunnyvale, CA

It is without a doubt that as consumers of electronic goods, we all indirectly fund rebel groups like the Lord's Resistance Army and FDLR in African nations such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. These rebel groups use rape as a weapon, force children to be soldiers, and threaten the lives of others so that they will mine tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold which are all essential to the creation of consumer products like cell phones, laptops and digital cameras. By having committees travel to different mines in the area these professionals can witness the atrocities that result in the communities by these mine takeovers will serve as the foundation to give ratings of each mine and tax companies accordingly in the import/export that is involved when using these minerals to manufacture and sell their products. On the basis of the cost of life and human dignity in the surrounding areas, a UN Conflict Minerals Committee could deter the use of these minerals being controlled by rebel groups and instead turn to conflict-free minerals as an alternative.

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