U.S. Department of Defense (i.e., The Pentagon): Cancel appearance by Ray Giunta at Pentagon Prayer Breakfast on 11/28/2012
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U.S. Department of Defense (i.e., The Pentagon)

U.S. Department of Defense (i.e., The Pentagon): Cancel appearance by Ray Giunta at Pentagon Prayer Breakfast on 11/28/2012

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      Military Religious Freedom Foundation

November 2012


Notice from The Office of the Pentagon Chaplain. ************************* You are cordially invited to attend a Prayer Breakfast in the Pentagon Library Conference Center. MR. RAY GIUNTA IS NOT AVAILABLE TO SPEAK AT TOMORROW'S PRAYER. THE EVENT WILL OCCUR BUT WILL INCLUDE THE USUAL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM. DATE/TIME: Wednesday, 28 November 2012 TIME: 0700-0750 LOCATION: Pentagon Library Conference Center, B6 Everyone is welcome; no RSVP is required. A continental breakfast will be provided.

• Ray Giunta has been publicly called out for illegally taking $10,200 from a cemetery board, falsely claiming to have advanced degrees and diagnosing young people as having mental disorders despite not being a doctor. He should never have been invited to this coveted perch at the Pentagon, as a guest speaker at the Defense Department's prayer breakfast.
• "Arming a well known Christian fundamentalist scam-artist like Giunta with an homage so profound as to be the designated special guest speaker at this highly visible Pentagon religious event is simply beyond the pale of acceptability and literally strains credulity," said Michael Weinstein, the founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is calling on the Pentagon to revoke Giunta's invitation.
• Weinstein and MRFF, which is dedicated to protecting military members' religious freedoms, first became aware of Giunta's speaking slot when the group's clients stationed at the Pentagon complained about the event. MRFF, on behalf of these 211 members of the armed forces, is demanding that the Pentagon revoke its invitation to Giunta. Of MRFF's clients, 189 are practicing Protestants or Roman Catholics. Further, MRFF wants an investigation into who was involved in inviting Giunta and how the event came about.
• A major who works on the Army staff at the Pentagon and is one of MRFF's clients told The Huffington Post he was deeply disturbed by Giunta's planned appearance, for the harm it could do to the Defense Department and the larger message it conveyed. He requested anonymity for fear of repercussions. [...] He added that he was worried that Giunta's appearance was part of a larger effort by some people in the military to turn members of the armed forces into "warriors for God." "That's not our mission," he added. "We have a constitutional mission, not a religious mission."

U.S. Department of Defense (i.e., The Pentagon), Office of the Pentagon Chaplain
Cancel appearance by Ray Giunta at Pentagon Prayer Breakfast on 11/28/2012

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    • Claudia Kasehagen ALBQUERQUE, NM
      • almost 2 years ago

      If the Pentagon invites this kind of shady felonious individual to take spiritual council from it makes me wonder who and what else the Pentagon is overlooking or not researching properly. Really, is a thief and pseudo doctor the best you can do?

    • Danny Evarts WOOLWICH, ME
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a former member of the U.S. Army, I find giving such a spot of "honor" to a divisive, hateful person, who is clearly against Constitutional Law (the oath we took was to uphold the Constitution) to be not only a disservice to our service members, but also an outright affront and attack on those who are serving, and dying, for that oath.

      Simply put ... such a despicable soul should never be given any respect by our military or our government,.

    • Logan Murdoch REDMOND, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It's fine to have a prayer event that is totally voluntary to attend. ALL faiths that want to participate should be allowed to, but this shister, Ray Giunta, should not be allowed to participate. It's a discredit to the Pentagon, our service men and women, and the country in general.

    • Terry Bingham LANSDALE, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Simple, this violates separation of church and state. If church's want to participate in politics or the government they should have to pay taxes like everyone else, they shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways.

    • James Davis BEREA, KY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Well, above and beyond Giunta's fraud and misrepresentation, I feel that a DoD "prayer breakfast" is inappropriate altogether, unless ALL the religions with adherents within the DoD are represented. As a veteran and pagan, I feel more than a little threatened by those who would foist their religion on me. My faith permits others to have their own path -- why can't others acknowledge mine, especially since this nation was founded on religious freedom in the first place?


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