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Repeal the PATRIOT ACT
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U.S. Congress

Repeal the PATRIOT ACT

    1. Robert Randall
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      Robert Randall

      San Francisco, CA

This legislation was passed during the hysteria of the 9/11 Attacks. It was passed before many Congressman read this document and passed it into law without the proper debate on what this law actually represents. In fact this legislation was ALREADY written BEFORE the 9/11 attacks. In short this piece of legislation goes against what the founding Fathers intended to preserve the legal rights of individuals against Government intrusion into the personal lives of our Citizens and maintain a balance of protection from Government actions to abrogate those Constitutional rights . This Patriot Act is NOT PATRIOTIC AT ALL. It is just a Cheap slogan to say if you are against this" law" then you are WITH the enemy. Remove this UNNECSSARY UNLAWFUL "LAW" and follow what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as were written to protect us from our Government's conspiracy to enslave the citizenry to protect us from ourselves.
REPEAL THE PATRIOT ACT and ALL amendments linked to it.

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    • Reuven Levy MONROE TWP., NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      This act is everything that is against the very ideals that the US is created on. Giving up our right to privacy just because we are scared of terrorism is not a way to handle terrorism. The government got a taste of taking one of our freedom's away, but where and when is this going to end? They say they will only need the bill for as long as the war on terrorism is still active, but from wikileaks we can see that they don't tell us information that is vital for our own informative judgements. It's time to show the government that we can think on our own. We voted them into office, we control our country and we have the power, not the other way around. Do the right thing and end this right infringing act.


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