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Twitter Inc.: Remove Hunter Moore's Twitter (Instigated Death of Amanda Todd)

    1. John Michael
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      John Michael

      coral springs, FL

Twitter clearly states:
"In order to investigate reports of abusive behaviors, violent threats or a breach of privacy, we need to be in contact with THE ACTUAL PERSON AFFECTED or their authorized representative. We are unable to respond to requests from uninvolved parties regarding those issues to mitigate the likelihood of false or unauthorized reports. If you are not an authorized representative but you are in contact with the individual, encourage the individual to file a report through our forms."
Found at "

How does someone report abusive behavior after they have passed away and that particular profile took part in the death of an innocent person??

Leading up to the death of Amanda Todd there has been many signs that she was being harassed and bullied both at school and on social networks online. Had this issue been addressed before it was to late we may have prevented the death of an innocent beautiful young girl who made a mistake many teens make every day. Due to that mistake she was mistreated by people who attended her school(s) as well as terrorized by a pedophile who would not stop destroying her life and blackmailing her. On top of that profiles on www.Twitter.com such as "@Huntermoore" (www.twitter.com/Huntermoore) who come's with a following of 67,xxx+ followers at this time (which includes many teens), has a tremendous outreach on the social network(s), featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and openly makes it seem like it's OK to terrorize and bully a person to the point of death. Even after Amanda Todd's death he and his followers continue to haunt her and her family by posting pictures of bleach and making disgusting comments referencing her and the things she has gone through.

Who is Hunter Moore?
Owner of a pornographic website that allows users to anonymously submit nude photographs or streaming media of any person to its database. Visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Is_Anyone_Up%3F for more info.

This petition is set up to ask Twitter.inc to 1.allow abusive content reporting by anyone who finds the abusive content on twitter to twitter officials for review. 2. For Twitter.inc to take control over their social network and remove any profile who has violated the abusive content clause with no second chances regardless of who the profile owner is and how many followers they have. 3.Should abusive content be found on a social network such as www.Twitter.com - it should be reported to local authorities for review (especially those who have taken part in a person's death).

I am hoping to have Hunter Moore's Twitter account of his and those alike taken down after review by the appropriate parties.

If you're standing next to someone who commits murder you are an accessory to murder. Same thing applies here.
Hunter Moore instigated thousands of people to continue to harass Amanda Todd and still terrorize her & her family even after she has passed away.

Please find it in your heart to do the right thing and sign this petition for Amanda Todd and young adults who may be subject to this type of behavior.


*I am in no way blaming Twitter, INC. or its affiliates as they cannot oversee the millions of profiles on their website but Twitter, INC. can take action against those who have taken part in the death of a young girl who was subject to ongoing harassment and bullying.

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    2. Vigils planned in Surrey, Victoria and around the world for Amanda Todd

      John Michael
      Petition Organizer
      Top Stories

      Hundreds of people in more than 40 cities around the world are expected to light candles tonight to remember bullying victim Amanda Todd and to take a quiet stand against the kind of torment that led her to take her own life.

    3. Bullied Teen Amanda Todd's Death Spurs Fake Fundraising Websites

      John Michael
      Petition Organizer
      Bullied Teen's Death Spurs Fake Fundraising Websites

      "The outpouring of support, emotion and information is literally overwhelming," Thiessen said. "The internet and social media were central to Amanda's story and they are central to our investigation as well." Authorities are "sifting through thousands of tips" they have received since Todd's death.

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    5. Amanda Todd Stalker Revealed by Anonymous Hacker Group

      John Michael
      Petition Organizer
      Amanda Todd Stalker Revealed by Anonymous Hacker Group Following Teen's Suicide (VIDEO)

      A hacker group has released the name of who they believe tormented and stalked 15-year-old Amanda Todd, whose negative involvement may have impacted her, leading to her suicide last week. (PHOTO:Facebook/R.I.P. Amanda Todd) The hacker group Anonymous, who refer to themselves as "hacktivists," declared on Monday that they have discovered the person responsible for stalking Amanda Todd online.

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    • Joanne Zimbler LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 11 months ago

      This guys is pure scum. He needs to be in prison because he is a huge threat to society.

    • Alicyn Parnell DARLINGTON, SC
      • 11 months ago

      Hunter Moore is an over-grown, inconsiderate and heartless bully. Nobody like him should be allowed to be on any social networks.

    • Marsha Clark ALBANY, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      Hunter Moore is an absolutely horrible person. He's already banned from multiple sites and what's the difference with Twitter? Amanda Todd was beautiful and what he did should be considered murder. Not only that, but he's affecting people all over the internet, causing suicide, humiliation and harassment. I hate him and I could name hundreds of other Twitter users who hate him just as much.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • about 1 year ago

      Unfortunately, cyberstalking has become a murderous crime, particularly violent often be found on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The tragic death of Amanda Todd is just a tragic deaths of many deaths of very young people and childs. Cyberstalking and Internet Gang Stalking are extremely cowardly crimes and that must be punished very hard and there the administrators must remove the offending posts and heinous users immediately to protect the victims. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as I do know from personal experience! I can only say who's involved here is an abomination disgusting monster and is not worth to be called a human! Particularly disgusting, I find that women also attack female victims just because they want to please these disgusting sadists. As long as that's the case, there will always give cases like Amanda Todd. Twitter must here quickly react, cyber stalking is mental murder and must be stopped! At the end I want to say, victims please don't make suicide and fight together against cyberstalkers all over the world, then we will win against these monsters at the Internet!

    • Megan Sudduth ST. MARYS, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      I am standing out for people, young women in particular, who are abused by sites such as hunter moores.


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