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Twenty-First Century Metric America

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FACTIOD: There are only .3 Billion Americans vs. 6.4 Billion Metric Users

It is absolutely unbelievable that the Greatest Industrial Country and the Greatest Military Power in the World, the UNITED STATES, is so slow to rid of the English Measurement System. The time has come, it did it's job, now is the time to say good-bye to the antiquated system and embrace the International System of Units, the Metric System.

Excuse me, but who is the one the pushed for a 'World Free Trade', but refuses to use a world wide measurement system? The Overpaid American CEOs are cutting labor cost every possible way, reduce pay, layoffs, oversea labor but, they refuse to convert to using only the Metric System. It does not make sense, does it. American workers are forced to purchase two different sets of tools in order to work and businesses are forced to purchase and keep in inventory two sets of hardware, all the while the competing countries/companies only need to have one set of tools/hardware. Now is that an American competitive edge? That does not say much for the CEOs of American companies.

Why is America losing in the education of math, science, and engineering with it's own citizens? Tell President Obama, that he is the man to bring America to the Twenty-first Century. Use Metric Now.

*BUSINESS ALERT - Europe will only purchase items that are Metric Only labled...

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[Lord It's Hard To Be Happy When You're Not Using] The Metric System

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