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try walking or biking where you need to go

    1. peter c
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      peter c

      portland, OR

walking and biking are good for both your health, and the earth's health. biking is the most energy efficient form of travel, and both are obviously co2 free.  most people can easily walk a mile in 20 minutes and bike 5 miles or more. even if you live too far from your frequent destinations, you can surely find other situations where it is possible to substitute walking for a short car trip. not driving has the compound effect of reducing overall traffic, causing other drivers to spend less time idling, reducing co2 emissions even more.

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    • Karmen Auguštin ZAGREB, CROATIA
      • almost 5 years ago

      Only a flat tire can stop me. I love it.

    • Adam Krause DES MOINES, IA
      • over 5 years ago

      Already do! I live a mile from where I work. Most days I do walk or bike, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes I get up late, or feel lazy and drive my pickup. But I'm making an effort. Walking or biking keeps me in better shape, I save money on gas, and I get to see a lot of things that I would normally miss in a car, like birds singing, the sunrise, clouds, trees, etc...I agree with Brian...sounds cliche, but it is true.

    • Brian Rooney CENTENNIAL, CO
      • almost 6 years ago

      It's amazing how much of life I missed in my car.  Sad part is I never even knew it.  I connect with the world when I walk through it.  I understand the meaning of distance like I never could before.  I understand the worth of land, and hills, and all that natural goodness that sounds cliched when written down but is very much the real stuff of life.  I feel really bad when I see how much of it we've so rudely turned black.

    • Brian Rooney CENTENNIAL, CO
      • almost 6 years ago

      This is one of the best decisions I ever made.  I've been walking to and from work and the grocery store for about four years now.  I can hardly count the ways I am better for it.  I live in suburban Colorado.  It is not ped friendly here, but if I can do this I'm pretty sure anyone can.  Remember, it doesn't have to be abstinence.  Moderation is the key.  I drive occasionally, but easily less than five miles per week.  And when my probation officer will allow me to opt out of her retarded classes, it's more like five miles or less per month.

    • Jill Schwab SANTA CRUZ, CA
      • almost 6 years ago

      LOL there is actually bike traffic where I live!  


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