Trillions of Ways to Protect Health Care
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Trillions of Ways to Protect Health Care

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There’s no question that it’s important for our nation’s leaders to grow our economy and add jobs. They also need to address our fiscal health and work to reduce the budget deficit.

But just as important is how we accomplish this goal. Some leaders – including Speaker John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell – would cut health care programs like Medicaid, putting the burden on the middle class. But non-partisan, independent research shows there’s a better way.

By closing tax loopholes for the super rich, responsibly reducing military spending, and eliminating waste, we can reduce our deficit by trillions – that’s Trillions with a ‘T.’

So it begs the question, why are some leaders pushing for cuts to health care when we can achieve significant deficit reduction without putting middle class Americans at risk?

Congressional leaders are pushing to complete a deficit plan by the end of the year. If you want to see deficit reduction that takes a balanced approach – NOT extreme plans that cut health care – now is the time to act. It’s easy to do, just sign this petition.

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    • John Smith COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      I signed this petition 'Trillions of ways to protect Healthcare' because it is not about handouts; it is about helping those in need when the need arises. Any citizen, veteran or senior receiving any form of healthcare or financial benefits are not receive enough to support themselves or even feed themselves. What all you need to be aware of are the trillions and trillions spent each year Post 9/11 by over 5000 government contractors, researchers, and others who are wasting money developing (WMD) weapons of mass destruction when we are not at war. This is the issue, and this is where the money resides, and yes they should pay more taxes on the trillions they earn, this effort in itself would fix the U.S. debt and our Healthcare concerns. Senators who want us citizens to believe that the issue is so minuet that reducing support for the ill or the hungry would resolve our countries issues, but what citizens do not know is that several of our senators on small committees sign Senate Appropriations Budgets to contractors in the trillions annually and mainly since 9/11. Those are the budgets that we are not prevue too. Go to The Washington Post article 'A Top Secret America' to see the TRILLIONS spend developing needless privacy Drones for our U.S. skies (with 75 Senators just approving an additional 30,000 to police our U.S. skies that require testing on civilians), satellites as weapons, directed energy weapons and more with authorizations to test on 'unwitting U.S. persons' DOD Directive 5240.1-R...yes, you and I, and these actions are directed in hidden directives that have been passed down for decades to contractors, researchers and more allowing for non-consensual testing and evaluation on these needless weapons and these war weapons are falling the wrong hands as more and more citizens are reporting their use against then.

      So when the President cut the budget a couple of years ago by approximately 65 Billion and some senators created outcry it was those who have the contractors in their states and jurisdictions. Most of these companies are privately owned and they do not appear on any Forbes list as the richest Americans.

      These are TRILLIONAIRES. So review the Washington Post database to see who is earning what then reconsider your signature on this Healthcare petition. Why not pay more if you are a BILLIONAIRE or earn trillions on the backs of innocent citizens who are clueless that these contractors also have authorization to test and evaluation their weapons and technologies on unwitting citizens; men, woman and children. Then watch your day and night skies to see them at work and pray that they are not hovering over your neighborhood or spraying chemical-trails over your cities skies. Also consider signing the following petition.

    • Skylar Savage NORFOLK, VA
      • almost 2 years ago


    • Marybeth Hlavac HORSHAM, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I signed this petition by mistake and it absolutely does not reflect my views. Stop creating class warfare. Rich people are not evil but rather most of them work very hard to achieve their dreams. Government is not the answer but I suppose many people like free handouts istead of rolling up their sleeves and working hard to achieve goals. I am worried about our country!


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