Treaties must be followed - for the abandoned animals - the stray dogs.
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The European Union - The Council of Europe

Treaties must be followed - for the abandoned animals - the stray dogs.

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We encourage everyone to sign this petition for abandoned and stray animals in Europe - It is directed to the European Union and the Council of Europe whose member countries, we now urgently require take their ethical responsibilities and follow the signed Treaties.

We, the European people - addressed a direct question to The European Union and The Council of Europe - why they are not ensures that member states comply with the signed agreements according to the Treaties?

In terms of the escalating problem of abandoned dogs and cats (stray animals) that cause unacceptable suffering for the animals - we now demand, without delay, that the member states with abandoned dogs (stray dogs) and cats start legislative proposals and introduce laws to prevent that animals are born into abandonment and suffering. Introduce ownership register and microchip ID of all owned dogs (and cats). Ban large-scale breeding (puppy farms) and ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops. Start state-funded comprehensive neuter campaigns in collaboration with other European countries. 

A country shall not be able to shirk their responsibility for animal protection and welfare because the animal has been abandoned and without an owner - the new owner must then be the state itself (the country), in the legal sense, which shall ensure that the animal has protection and welfare, which is extremely important when it comes to domesticated animals.

In a extension, we want this to apply to ALL abandoned domesticated animals.

We blame this gigantic animal cruelty and indifference on all the European decision-making bodies for not following the Treaties - laws, regulations and directives, within the term of protections of animals - "Stray dogs", are in the legal sense - abandoned (companion) animals and according to the Treaties shall have the same rights as other animals, regardless of member state.

We now demands a common, humane and long-term solution for the abandoned (stray) dogs (and cats) in Europe. Tormented abandoned dogs and animals should not have to exist in modern societies.

1. The Europen Union (as a legal body) - The Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on the 1st of December 2009 amends the current founding treaties, i.e. the Treaty on European Union (EU Treaty), which will retain its name; and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (EC Treaty), which will be renamed as the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Title II of TFEU lists some key principles the Union should respect: - Article 13 - "In formulating and implementing the Union's agriculture, fisheries, transport, internal market, research and technological development and space policies, the Union and the Member States shall - Since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals, while respecting the legislative or administrative provisions and customs of the Member States relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage." -  Recognition that animals are sentient beings. The general aim is to ensure that animals do not endure avoidable pain or suffering, and obliges the owner/keeper of animals to respect minimum welfare requirements.

The Treaty of Lisbon:

Countries - with abandoned animals (dogs) - signed treaty and in force:

    Belgium (1952)

    Bulgaria (2007)

    Cyprus (2004)

    Estonia (2004)

    France (1952)

    Greece (1981)

    Hungary (2004)

    Ireland (1973)

    Italy (1952)

    Latvia (2004)

    Lithuania (2004)

    Malta (2004)

    Poland (2004)

    Portugal (1986)

    Romania (2007)

    Slovakia (2004)

    Slovenia (2004)

    Spain (1986)

    United Kingdom (1973)

Candidate countries - with abandoned animals (dogs):


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia





2. The Council of Europe - Rule of Law - The Treaty of European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals CETS No. 125 - Recognising that man has a moral obligation to respect all living creatures and bearing in mind that pet animals have a special relationship with man.

Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals:

Countries - with abandoned animals (dogs) - signed treaty and in force:












Country - with abandoned animals (dogs), signed treaty:


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    Reasons for signing

    • mari silberstein RIMBO, SWEDEN
      • about 2 years ago

      Animals are as important as humans and they don´t have a voice to ask for help and justice. They need support this is their right, of course.

    • Lynda Thompson ARGOSTOLI, GREECE
      • about 2 years ago

      It is time that these poor animals stopped suffering and owners were made to be more responsible. Particularly in Greece where I live. I am involved with a local animal charity and see many sad cases of abandonment and abuse.

    • majvi traff UPPSALA, SWEDEN
      • about 2 years ago

      animals have feelings

    • jeanette vellier NYKøBING FALSTER, DE
      • about 2 years ago

      Fordi dyr skal behandles ordentligt... ALLE dyr... Mit hjerte gør så ondt, når jeg ser hvad mennesket kan gøre, men ønsker så bare at karma kommer efter dem...

    • cinda thornton AURORA, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      people need to care and help there.


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