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Transfer all environmental funds to contraception
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Transfer all environmental funds to contraception

    1. Alan Ditmore
    2. Petition by

      Alan Ditmore

      Leicester, NC

Because contraception is at least five times as cost-effective as any other environmental program, and probably many times that, all environmental and alternative energy funds in the budgets of all levels of government, especially municipalities, should be transferred to contraception funding immediately.  This being paid contraception if funds remain after free contraception has been provided, and not limited to residents of the locality or state involved.




The reason MUNICIPAL environmental contraception funding has heightened importance is a polysci megatrend called The Big Sort, where like minded voters, like overpopulataion activists, are concentrating into local majorities, which turns national minorities into local majorities and makes more and more cost-effective causes, including overpopulation, politically realistic on the local level; and because mayors are not answerable to rural voters, unlike presidents and governors.  Sadly, the major overpopulation, contraception and choice movements have badly neglected local government.  This is in addition to the fact that local government funding is heavy on schools and childcare, where federal funding is heavy on retirement, which is the one economic problem not solved by contraception.




In answer to a question;  The petition automatically sends E-mails to YOUR state and federal representatives, but it cannot look up your city, town or county representatives who are the most important recipients, as it is they who benefit most from The Big Sort.  I was able to program it to send E-mails to mayors or vice mayors in Asheville NC, near me, and Santa Cruz CA, which is my best guess as to the US city with the highest percentage of overpopulation activists.  But I cannot easily look up your city, town or county leaders and niether can Change.org, so it would help if you did that part yourselves.  However Googling the name of the locality usually produces a local government website with the contact information, so it's not too hard if you're already on the web.

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    1. We are making some progress!

      Alan Ditmore
      Petition Organizer

      The US conference of mayors just made a statement in support of contraception, link below, but we still need them to put their money where their mouths are. Please add such a request under the thank you letter in the link, reminding them that they will save 50 times what they spend.
      Meanwhile, I will be adding the mayors listed as recipients of this petition.

    2. Decision-maker Phil Barnhart responds:

      Phil Barnhart

      Rep. Barnhart is always interested in hearing from constituents about issues that matter to them. If you would like a detailed response, please contact us directly by sending an email to rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us. Along with informati...

    3. Reached 250 signatures
    4. Alan Ditmore
      Petition Organizer

      Please read my other petitions:


    Reasons for signing

    • Theodore Clevenger ASHEVILLE, NC
      • 19 days ago

      Too many damn people on this planet. Clearly a problem.

    • orchid ra SOUTHPORT, NC
      • 24 days ago

      It is imperative that the population stops before more starving children are put on this planet!

    • Sebastián Farías SANTIAGO, CHILE
      • 25 days ago

      We're too many.

    • Andreas Larsson 80310, SWEDEN
      • 25 days ago

      Humanity is destroying the planet.

    • dwight fellman ST. LOUIS PARK, MN
      • about 1 month ago

      also: consider a gradually increasing percentage of foreign aid dedicated to contraceptives.


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