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Close the Benue State Zoo -

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      International Animal Rescue Foundation

Please donate for us to now secure fundung for one zoologist to stay in Benue. We have since secured the Zoological Gardens with the help it needs however we need to now secure more help for these animals. The fact finding mission proved that no Zoologist or anyone with medical training is at the zoo. That is serious should the animals need help http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoological-care 


Addressed to the following
Federal Republic of Nigeria – Vice Presidential Leader Nigeria Namadi Sambo
Federal Republic of Nigeria - President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
Benue State Governor - Gabriel Torwua Suswam
Federal Republic of Nigeria Department of Trade and Tourism
Federal Republic of Nigeria - Forestry Department (including Wildlife, Forestry Monitoring Evaluation and Coordinating Unit) – FORMECU
Government House
P.M.B. 102035
ghm@benuestate.gov.ng gov@benuestate.gov.ng depgov@benuestate.gov.ng
info@benuestate.gov.ng conrad@benuestate.gov.ng
Governor of Benue State can also be contacted here - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gabriel-Torwua-Suswam/175648662484096?sk=info#!/pages/Gabriel-Torwua-Suswam/175648662484096?sk=info
Addressed to the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Immediate Attention
Benue State University located in the Federal Republic of Nigeria holds Benue State Zoological Gardens that was once seen as a sprawling zoo from the early 1960’s through to 1991.
Numerous species of animals inhabited the “then” well maintained zoological gardens from Elephants, Baboons, Ostrich, Crocodiles, along with many other mammals’ non mammals and countless species of arachnids and snakes.
Benue State Zoo at its prime saw from 1980-1991 over fifteen thousand people visit the zoological gardens every year that aided zoo husbandry, amenity horticultural maintenance, aquatics, and general up keep with zoologists and keepers paid a fare wage of naira.
The Zoological gardens though located next to the Benue River was dealt a disastrous low hander by the Benue state and State Federal Minister of Nigeria whom ceased all funding in 1991 as the zoo they believed could fend for itself as of increased finical and international interest along with vast educational teaching that brought more students into the main Makurdi State University both locally and internationally.
Benue State Zoo was then categorised into the private sector that saw the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Benue State move into business with a South African and United Kingdom business named as Africa Consultants. Africa consultants have two main offices that are located within Botswana and the United Kingdom – The Welsh office is located at 2 Farmers Close Witney, OX28 INL, Telephone: 00 44 1993 811768. Email: info@consultingafrica.co.uk the Botswana office is located at, Private Bag 149, Suite 455, Gaborone, Plot 22049, Unit 3, Gaborone, Botswana , Tel: +267 316-7561 Fax: +267 316-756.
We contacted the company better known as “Consulting Africa” the Botswana Company coincidentally changed its name after repeated interrogation to AVIVA that is a United Kingdom insurance company that has NO relation to this business or zoo, and on contacting to tracing the United Kingdom number the entire physical address and landline number was not recognised.
The zoo has been dealt the most catastrophic case of deliberate neglect that one could imagine. Records prove from the questionnaire undertaken in 1991 that the zoo had over one hundred animals inhabiting it ranging from many mixed species.
Unfortunately though the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Benue State Ministry withdrew all funding to soon and suddenly from Benue zoo, and from looking at the main private investor they have duped the Nigerian government and Benue Governor as well as providing poorly trained, unqualified, and non-workable executives and staff that have failed and neglected the upkeep management of the zoo, species preservation, medical and nourishment aid to not even paying the staff thus seeing Benue zoo fall to its feet.
The once sprawling zoo that had over one hundred prime species of mammals and non-mammals now has a regrettably and saddening eighteen wild animals left that are fighting for survival, diseased and infected to malnourished, dehydrated, and exposed to the earths environmental rapid climate changes.
We was more than shocked on viewing this on the 21st October 2012 at 16:46hrs a brief video located within our educational wildlife group, however after contact was made and an in-depth analysis and investigation plus good rapport and communication built up within the zoo we was mortified after being sent twenty one photos via electronic email that then unfolded the heart wrenching story.
Species of animals from Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyenas, to Nile Crocodiles all laid dead or had perished from the start of October to the day we had been sent the October video. A male lion was so malnourished that viewers describe it as “anorexic” to others simply shouting online “please let the animals free into the wild”.
Pictures depict rotten carcasses, freshly deceased Hyenas and Leopards, to reptilian skeletal remains not to mention the entire “type zoo” appearing like a prisoner of war camp unfortunately for animals.
The staff within Benue zoo are rarely paid and if they are its usually once every three months, the animals are fed by the last few members of the public that care to visit it on average of once to twice a week if that. Within one scene of the video the member of the public quoted the primates had only been fed once in a singular month.
Whilst these animals are rapidly perishing the Federal Benue State Governor and Nigerian Minister along with most but not all of the country is living a fine luxurious life. Benue state has recently been revamped seeing new housing complexes built to fleets of European taxis imported from the United Kingdom, and water plants incorporated within Benue state.
On later investigation we have since uncovered more zoos within the Federal Republic of Nigeria along with a gargantuan decrease in the total numbers of animal species of which the 2011 news feed stated “where has all the wildlife gone” that explained zoos where being left unkempt, non-manageable to the government allowing the species of animals to deliberately perish then the zoos being demolished with affordable housing constructed upon the zoological land.
We like the member of the public contacted the trade and tourism minister along with the Benue State Governor and the United Kingdom’s Federal Republic of Nigerian Embassy. The trade and tourism/forestry commissioner abused us and shouted obscenities down the phone along with the Nigerian London Embassy refusing to go in to any detail about the zoo to not even knowing the zoo existed until we had to educate them on the exact location and the media that reported on it from South Africa to Nigeria.
The Benue State University we also contacted of which the University Commissioner played ignorant, arrogant, to then remembering that there was a zoo located within his University which he informed us of “I have no powers to speak on behalf of the zoo and you must contact the government”. We asked politely if he and his students would be most kind to feed the eighteen animals which he point blankly refused. So in reality is this how Nigeria treats its animals?

HOW CAN YOU HELP ? - PLEASE DONATE http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoological-care 

You can write/email to the federal Republic of Nigeria and demand now that they take action to safe guard all animals preserve life, whilst funding is initiated to safe move in veterinary aids immediately.
Telephone the Federal Republic of Nigeria and demand that immediate action is taken at Benue zoo and all other remaining zoos in the area and nation.
Demonstrate at the London Nigerian Embassy or petition them and the first lady demanding action to be taken now to secure all life.
You can also start a fund raiser up like we have to flood that zoo and veterinary staff with wildlife aid hydration and nourishment to now secure species survival.
Construct your own rapid reaction force that unfortunately we have no more of, you can visit the zoo to feed and hydrate all species to a clean-up plan to lower disease and infection of the remaining eighteen animals that could be brought on by the deaths and rotten carcasses of other species.
Create a social media page/group/or event to push as many people as one possibly can to now contact the media, press, radio, and other wildlife agencies that CAN help however they must be contacted in mass and not one on one.
Contact WWF, IFAW, GREENPEACE, HUMANE SOCIETY, and now demand that they seek the rest of the zoos out within the Federal republic of Nigeria to secure and preserve life with immediate effect.
Contact the local Benue Governors Facebook page he has tried to block our IP address however that’s proved unsuccessful as of higher graded intercommunications technology we use.

Donate to the Chip In here so that we can reach all targets and send veterinary zoologically experienced staff into Benue Zoo now  http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoological-care 
Start your own Chip in and be prepared for other concentration camp zoos that are within Nigeria

Join our Facebook page here Operation Freedom Force - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Freedom-Force-Benue-State-Zoo/378402295567689#!/pages/Operation-Freedom-Force-Benue-State-Zoo/378402295567689?fref=ts PLEASE READ THE “ABOUT SECTION AND THE NOTES” before commenting or emailing

Please VIEW photo evidence here - some images you may find upsetting


More information can be found here to http://international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk/international-animal-rescue-foundation/makurdi-benue-zoo-government-animal-abuse/ 

We want what is best for the animals and our delicate species of nature. There are 18 animals left, please help us to save them.

The Lioness and Duikers to Dwarf Crocodiles are of a major concern to us as they have given birth. Aid needs to get to them. Please SIGN, SHARE, MAKE AWARE, AND BE MOST KIND TO PLEASE DONATE - THANK YOU.


"“Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it” – Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you


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      Dear signers, supporters, and members of the animal loving kingdom,

      We have five days left in which to reach our $2,000 donation target. Please be most kind to donate whatever you can small or large every donation goes to the animals and vet care.

      PLEASE HELP THEM......................



    3. Benue News Brief 19 November 2012

      We have managed to sift through the compulsive lies that are being thrown around by the press of Nigeria in what we can only say as "very poor journalism". Not only did they obtain the wrongful information on the Lioness (she is alive) they forgot to state who the OTHER "entity" was that owns this "shanty zoo". We understand that certain "trolls" are stealing our work and trying to place the rescue in danger so we are keeping this information to ourselves. We now know though whom to ask in closing this zoo down. We understand the past 14 days have been a total stress however we shall carry on as usual and we shall not be beaten by online trolls. There is only one rescue involved in the Benue State Zoo and that is ourselves, the South Africans and the Nigerians. Poor journalism gets you nowhere. Hence why we have been working very hard on this case day after day and we do not intend on stopping https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=389564987790078&set=a.204117543001491.53024.19968

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    5. Rescue - Search and Seek moving in Monday 12th to seek more information

      11TH November 2012
      On October 21st 2012 International Animal Rescue Foundation © was notified of a catastrophic case of zoo cruelty, abuse and deliberate neglect that saw animals starving to death. The zoo located in Markurdi, Benue the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has lost a near one hundred animals, of which only eighteen mixed species of animals remain from primates, a weak Lioness that is potentially pregnant, dwarf crocodilians, Hyenas, forest deer plus and other species as listed on Operation Freedom Force page. There are also new young now that’s been born within the zoo that needs immediate care, and attention.
      After working exhaustive long hours mission F.A.W.S (Funding African Wildlife Survival) sourced the zoo and the help through a professional veterinary professional that’s undertaken rescue missions like these before in the heart of remote lands that’s both dangerous to the normal rescuer and those that have never visited this remote area of Nigeria before.
      Mission F.A.

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    • Luis Eduardo Barboza SAN JOSé, COSTA RICA
      • 10 months ago

      Ayuda a los animales.

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    • nancy fonteyn BELGIUM, BELGIUM
      • 10 months ago

      animals need freedom now

    • Esperanza Arias TULANCINGO, MEXICO
      • about 1 year ago

      No al maltrato a los animales, si a un lugar mejor para ellos, donde sean protegidos y cuidados.

    • Joseph Dimetri NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      I founded the fake IARF and I call myself Jenny, Jose, Jean and Joseph but my real name is Jon!


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