Let a mom keep  her 3 Autistic kids safe
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Let a mom keep her 3 Autistic kids safe

    1. michelle hare
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      michelle hare

      brockport, NY

I am a single mom of five kids and 3 have autism. My town only allows 3 foot fences and I want to have a four foot fence in my yard to give me one more line of protective defense that seems more inhibitively daunting than a mere three feet. This is  to  prevent them from escaping and running off into the woods near my home where there are hunters all the time. Due to their disability they have little regard for personal safety and since there are three it is at times difficult to keep an eye on all of them a the same time since they each require so much special attention; and it is only myself that is there to provide it. My town thinks that if they allow me waaaay out in the country on some farm road four feet that someone in the village may put up four feet and that would be "unattractive" or too high for visibility in SOME areas of the town ( like little street corners in the village). This is the reasoning behind their stringent code. They are also concerned that I will not be able to maintain such a fence due to my kids and the wear and tear. My argument is of course, they will allow me a 3 foot fence so the point is henceforth moot. I will have to maintain a fence wether it is 3 foot or four foot. They have asked what alternatives I have considered so i would not need this extra foot of fencing height. Do they mean like intstalling an alarm system? Shackleing my kids to thier beds? I think that was outlawed many moons ago and Child Protective Services may have something to say about that. I could bar my only front entrance and use only my swamp land back yard and put up a six foot fence back there and have us all trapse through that like "Little House on The Prairie" only with NY state winters to enter my house with all my kids in tow. They said I could do that but wouldnt that be dangerous too in blocking first floor escape in case of emergency?  It seems unresonable for such a resonable request to be denied and I need help when I go before the committee that told me today that my need will be hard to prove and they will be hard pressed to approve such a simple thing to a family who struggles daily and is always in crisis mode. All I wanted was a little extra piece of mind. When a code violates my ability to adequately protect my children and for a mere one feet of fence to them that could make a world of differnece to me, we all need to stand up for change.

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    1. Two more days until I face the Town Board.

      michelle hare
      Petition Organizer

      This wednesday at seven P.M. I have to attend a meeting where I have letters of support from various Autism experts and professionals that work with my family as well as this petition from all of you. I am hoping to get more signatures before then of concerned citizens. I moved here a year ago specifically to be someplace safer than the busy suburban road we once lived on when my children were smaller. It is a small farm community that I found appealing for what seemed a simpler way of life. I love this town, which is why I chose it and I hope the people of this board will be able to see that I put my trust and faith in them and that they honor that and think with humanity rather than rules, codes and precedence; and remain the town I loved so much.

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    • heather sa.tiago IRONDEQUOIT, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a mother of a special needs child... I understand the need to modify your children's environment to keep them safe. This mother is taking responsibility for her children, let's not focus on regulations when a mother is trying to do the right thing.... Rather support her by not standing in her way. Let her build the fence.... It will allow her kids to play in a safe environments.

    • Edie Whitney HOLLEY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is for her childrens safety and the town could say only 3 feet with in the downtown area only and people have a right to do what they want with their land ....

    • Stephen Marsh CLARKSON, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      A 1 foot variance in this instance seems like a no brainer. Given the situation with the kids, shouldn't the town board be trying to help, not doing the exact opposite? I guess human compassion has dropped significantly since I moved away.....the Clarkson I grew up in cared about its neighbors more than this. Come on Clarkson, do the right thing!

    • Laurie Popielarz HAMLIN,NY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      here is a mom trying to keep her children safe and the town wants to say no on such a small request? Its one inch on a fence... I think that is ridiculous! Let michelle put up the 4 foot fence to help her keep her children safe!

    • Terrence Carey ATTICA, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because Michelle Hare is one of my good friends, i do not like it when one of my good friends is dealing with ignorance.


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