Tony Abbott: Commence an inquiry into bitcoin - it's protecting drug dealers
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Tony Abbott: Commence an inquiry into bitcoin - it's protecting drug dealers

    1. Alanna Skelly
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      Alanna Skelly

      Sydney, Australia

They’re calling it "a virtual Wild West for narco-traffickers and other criminals." 

My beautiful kind-hearted boy, Daniel, was just 21. Now, he’s died before he should have. Daniel died because he was lured into a world where criminals and drug dealers use an unregulated currency called “bitcoin” to get away with it.  He had fallen into a dark web of dangerous people, completely unregulated -- and determined to squeeze money out of our kids for dodgy drugs.

Now we read that these drugs, combined with alcohol, are also influencing the wave of violence on our streets

Other countries are waking up to the threat posed by an unregulated currency and taking action. We need to urgently do the same in Australia before more lives are lost.

Bitcoin is operating as a black bank and facilitating the hiding of participants in drug and other black market transactions. Bitcoin is also offering a marketing service for global drug traffickers who are targeting Australian youth.

My son was just 21. And now he’s been taken from me. He died from drugs and I know that I can’t bring him back, but if the same laws had been applied to bitcoin as applies to regular currency, it would be easier for the police to find the people who did this. The other parents I’ve talked to think it’s not happening to them, but I know it is.  

After my son died, I had to go through his facebook and emails to see the unbelievable trail of push marketing from people trying to use bitcoin to sell every possible drug you could imagine. And when I told the police about it, they told me they don’t have the resources to fight it.

Australians are rightfully concerned about this new threat. That’s why I’m asking the government to regulate bitcoin and prevent its use as a malicious market. We need the government to have a proper inquiry into bitcoin and stop pretending it doesn’t exist.

The inquiry should consider how banks can get away with allowing these people to trade in bitcoin and how we’re letting them get away with killing our children.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia
Senator Arthur Sinodinos, Assistant Treasurer
The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister of Health
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister Communications and Digital Economy
The Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Minister for Social Services
The Hon Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition
The Hon Kevin John Humphries MP, Minister for Mental Health
The Hon Michael Joseph Gallacher MP, Minister of Police
The Hon Anthony Roberts MP, Minister of Fair Trading
The Hon Barry Robert OFarrell, Premier of NSW
Stop all our banks accommodating BITCOIN transactions. Bitcoin is operating as a black bank and facilitating the hiding of participants in drug and other black market transactions. Bitcoin is also offering a marketing service for global drug traffickers who are targeting Australian youth.

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    1. Cryptospend keeps advertising on drug articles

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      Cryptospend Pty Ltd (based now in Brisbane after being forced out of the United States by regulatory pressure) is so brazen it really doesnt care what people think. I have found this company now advertising here
      in an article about young people dying from drugs at a music festival in Jakarta. This is a mere few days after 6 people overdosed at a music festival in Malaysia and a few days after three more students overdosed on a campus in Western Australia. Yet still this company (bitcoin trader) and others like it continue to advertise their business to potential youth who want to buy drugs online..
      It is a disgrace. Cannot see why Cryptospend Australia Pty Ltd has not been forced out of Australia (preferably charged) expecially when their directors are all American and dont even live here.

      Which company pushing their business (bitcoin trading) at the end of articles on drugs?

    2. Bitcoin "the innovative new currency or a big social problem?"

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      We need a reality check on Bitcoin (despite what you read in the mainstream news). Less than 1500 people currently own the vast majority of all the bitcoins so far issued. Most of us do not use bitcoins nor want them. However, criminals who want to sell online illegal drugs, fake passports, credit card identities, porn, even weapons do want to be paid in bitcoin because it is practically untraceable. The proponents of this so called free cryptocurrency laud it for its untraceability and its low cost to transact. On both counts they are right. The transaction fees are lower than regulated financial institutions. Yet Bitcoin's contribution to growing online black markets, including drugs, money laundering, tax evasion and crime cannot be ignored. Our youth do not need this tsunami of easily accessed globally sourced online illegal drugs in their faces. In 2011, one online illegal drug website existed - now 14 plus sites exist. It is Bitcoin that has enabled this to occur.

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    4. Bitcoin dealers charged with money laundering

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      If it is good enough for US prosecutors to charge shady cash only bitcoin exchange merchants for helping to facilitate and market the online sale of drugs and launder money (as my son was similarly marketed to by Jeremy West, Managing Director and owner of Cryptospend Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Australia), then surely the same laws should be implemented here in Australia?. I would like to draw everyone's attention to an error in this article. Silk Road WAS shut down but was back in business less than one month later along with the growing number of other sites and continues to ply their trade in illegal drugs today. Surely we can do better than this? Our society is being swamped with easy access to these illegal drugs and our youth are getting caught up in it. It is not acceptable that law enforcement authorities claim they can do little about it and are overwhelmed by it.


      Bitcoin dealers charged with money laundering

      Bitcoin: Two men who operate exchange businesses for the digital currency have been charged with money laundering. Photo: Getty Images/AFP New York: Two men who operate bitcoin exchange businesses have been charged with money laundering for helping drug merchants exchange $US1 million ($1.1 million) in cash for bitcoins, the digital currency.

    5. Thankyou to Bruce Billson, MP for Small Business

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      I would like to say that I have received a very sincere and nice letter of support from the Minister for Small Business, the Federal Member for Dunkley, Bruce Billson MP who mentions his own children. Thankyou.

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    7. Interview on 2ue 13/01/2014

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer
      Warning on internet drug death

      How safe are our children from drugs on the internet? Daniel Skelly died after purchasing cocaine over the internet using bitcoins. Andrew Voss speaks with his mother Alanna with a timely warning for all parents. Stay up to date on breaking news with 2UE on Twitter

    8. Clarification

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      Bitcoin per se is not the problem. The problem is the encryption of bitcoin transactions. The so called bitcoin currency trader who accept my sons payments provided email customer services to my son on the buying and spending sides. Jeremy West and Cryptospend Pty Ltd should not be able to hide behind "I am just a bitcoin currency trading service" because at the end of the day my son paid cash into his Cryptospend accounts at NAB bank and only Cryptospend can authorise payment to the drug seller. The rest is an electronic smokescreen by claiming "oh your son bought bitcoins from me." No my son didnt. He paid for drugs and Cryptospend paid the dealer. Cryptospend only accepts cash - that says it all. This company should be forced to reveal the account they paid with my son's money from their accounts by the Federal Police. Their books should also be opened to the ATO. We have laws contrary to what Mr Hockey says. We need to enforce them. We dont need to wait for international laws.

    9. Bitcoin currency trader or black market facilitator?

      Alanna Skelly
      Petition Organizer

      On the 5th November 2013 my 21 year old son purchased drugs online by making a cash deposit at NAB Warriewood, into an account called Cryptospend, as instructed by Mr Jeremy West, director and “customer service manager” of Cryptospend Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane. This company withdrew from the U.S. following regulatory pressure and has now established in Australia. It is marketing its services ostensibly as a bitcoin currency exchange service via the web.
      My son made the payment to Cryptospend on the Tuesday and on Friday he received alduterated drugs delivered to our home in express post envelopes which killed him.
      Despite insisting that his business only operates a currency exchange service for bitcoin, I believe Mr Jeremy West is happy to also profit from facilitating the online drug trade and uses push marketing in emails. It is only Mr Jeremy West who knows to which dealer’s account my son’s payment actually went. I refer to the website used

      Spend Bitcoins

      Jeremy West July 07, 2012 * Frequently Asked Questions Related questions: How do I get a wallet? How do I get bitcoins? How do I send bitcoins? Who should read this: This is a guide for new users who want to get started using bitcoins right away.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Andrea Kay Trifunovich (Willis/Skelly) AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • 2 months ago

      My daughter's beautiful young cousin died due to Bitcoin criminals and their drug sales.

    • Tim Moffitt AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      I don't want to a junkie anymore!!

      • 3 months ago

      Bit Coin is dangerous. It is as dangerous as TOR and I2P. There needs to be an inquiry, although how it can mitigate the situation, I am unsure. I support the motion in principle.

    • carl traynor AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      say no all drgs

    • sandra dalton AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      put me down for this as i totally agree with you my heart and best wish's to you ,not that that would bring him back these people should pay


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