Stop the BLM's misuse of power, Take Nevada Back!
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Nevada Attorney General
Catherine Cortez Masto
Clark County Comissioner
Tom Collins
Douglas C. Gillespie
Gov. Brian Sandoval

Stop the BLM's misuse of power, Take Nevada Back!

    1. Jodi Thornley
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      Jodi Thornley

      Mesquite, NV

In light of recent events, we the people respectfully request that you put a stop to this injustice happening in Mesquite/Bunkerville area by the BLM. Taking over a county highway (170) and violently arresting an individual for using an Ipad is not ok! Designating fenced first ammendment zones for citizens  in a rocky area (excluding individuals with disabilities who happen to use wheelchairs) is not an appropriate measure in any stretch of the imagination! Restricting access to all citizens using armed personell in exess of 600,000 acres is deplorable. We have no choice but to assume you (meaning clark county nevada representatives) have relinquished your resposibilities to uphold the rights of your constituents living in Nevada and given it to the federal Government to do as they see fit. Please step up and correct this oversite and take back control and end the abuses! Have your Law Enforcement officers step up and play more of a part in ending this travesty. 

Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada Attorney General
Tom Collins, Clark County Comissioner
Douglas C. Gillespie, Sheriff
Gov. Brian Sandoval, Nevada
Stop the BLM's misuse of power

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    • mathw bylund BOULDER CITY, NV
      • 9 days ago

      those ranchers have a right too graze their cattle

    • Janet Payne OVERGAARD, AZ
      • 3 months ago

      Government should not be in private lives

    • betty nunnery BATTLEMOUNTAIN, NV
      • 3 months ago

      it hurts the farmers and if the cattle cant graze than that is more fuel for wildfires to burn

    • Dean Kaufman SALEM, OR
      • 3 months ago

      BLM is in Oregon also and we need to send a message to them on all their land.

    • Karen Drum SELLERSVILLE, PA
      • 5 months ago

      We must stand up for our God given rights and not allow a misuse of power. What has been done in Nevada to the 53 other farmers is an antrocity and it must be stopped. We are assured the right of life,liberty and pursuit of happiness by our Declaration of Independance and that is what we will continue to fight to keep!


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