Introduce more free-range meat to Tufts Dining Halls!
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To Tufts Dining Services and Administration and Finance Committee

Introduce more free-range meat to Tufts Dining Halls!

    1. Chelsea Ongaro
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      Chelsea Ongaro

      Everett, WA

Our goal is to introduce more free-range meat to Tufts Dining Halls! We would like Tufts Dining Services to incrementally introduce more free-range meat in on-campus dining facilities. For the 2013-2014 school year, we petition Tufts Dining Services to dedicate 10% of their meat purchases to free range and convert to 50% free-range meat by 2020. We request that the Tufts Administration and Finance Committee aid Dining Services by allocating more funds to help with the increased cost of free-range meat. We acknowledge 
that there are significant additional costs associated with free-range meat, but we believe that the environmental and personal health benefits outweigh the extra cost.

This is important because:

Non-free-range meat has 20 times more E coli bacteria than free-range meat, even 

though it has been soaked in ammonia. In 2007, over 22 million pounds of frozen
hamburger meat was recalled due to an E coli outbreak.

Free-range meat is also free of growth hormones, which has been 
shown to cause
early-onset puberty in children. 

Free-range chickens are not raised in darkened, enclosed coops or forced to stand in two 
inches of feces. 

Non-free-range meat farm workers have developed antibiotic resistance from the
antibiotics present in non-free-range animal feed.

In sum, industrial meat processing factories are harmful to both the animals and the workers.


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    • Carl Beckman WEST NEWFIELD, ME
      • over 2 years ago

      A university like Tufts, with its commitment to health and the environment, should take practical actions to support its ideals.

    • Vee Shanahan MYRTLE BEACH, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      Lack of hormones in cattle, and better treatment of cattle.


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