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  • Petitioned To end the torturous gas chamber cats and dogs.

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To end the torturous gas chamber cats and dogs.

Destroy all gas chambers & laws in 50 states preventing it.

    1. Debbie Waynick
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      Debbie Waynick

      Tucson, AZ

Murdering anything in a gas chamber or microwave as some places do (Miami Dade County), is pure torture and no body human or animal deserves to be tortured as such. Gas chambers are associated with the inhumane muders Hitler and Stalin ordered, and they do not belong anywhere in the US. It is pure torture and I challenge anyone who insists that it is not torture to sit in a gas chamber with me as the gas is released and all vents are closed. No gas masks, I believe they will change their mind about it not being torture.

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    • Jaime Shea WILDOMAR, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      It is barbaric and I am completely baffled, nevermind SICKENED to know that these are still in use ANYWHERE in the country!


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