To end cholera in Haiti and Dominican Republic
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To end cholera in Haiti and Dominican Republic

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      ECHO - End Cholera in Haiti Organization

Cholera is a preventable disease. Yet, this highly contagious disease has infected 661,716, killed 8,253 (3/14/13) people in Haiti and over 500 people in the Dominican Republic since 2010.The Haitian sanitation infrastructure continues to be grossly inadequate and severely lacking in medical services to treat the millions of people currently at risk of cholera and other diseases.

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      Approaching 70 signatures! Let's set a further goal of 100! and so on and so forth! Please don't forget to share this link with anyone you know. Tell people about it, remind them of how simple it is to lend support to this cause and ECHO! It is important! Additionally, please be aware that does not seem to work with the FIREFOX browser. If anyone is using the Firefox Web Browser to sign the petition, please try to use another such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome temporarily in order to do so.

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    2. Hello all

      So! We've reached 50 signatures. This is great, let's reach more! It's as easy as copying and pasting the link to this petition anywhere you feel it will gather support and attention. If anyone would like to give support or their participation to ECHO, visit our website at as shown in the petition. On the website dates to important events and their locations can be found.
      Thanks! | An n Ale - Allons y - Let's Go!

      The strike itself was fairly effective in the capital but very solid in the provincial towns, such as Ti Goave, St. Marc, Gonaïves, Miragoane, Aquin, Hinche, Maissade, etc. Its power was expressed in the militant mass marches, 2,000 striking teachers in St. Marc and 1,000 or more in the capital.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Kara Lightburn HARTSDALE, NY
      • 11 months ago

      I have been watching young children and the elderly perish in Haiti from this epidemic because they dont have access to basic human right services.

    • Diane Dejean HERE, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      As close as the island of Hispanola is to the United States, it is a shame that help is not given. This island has a lot of history that help build the United States and to see the US turn its back is sad.

    • Judson Evans HOLBROOK, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      Friends in Haiti, a sense of the U.S. have some responsibility for Haiti's difficulties historically,etc.

    • Janet McCourt QUINCY, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      It's important because what is happening is just so unfair,,,and wrong on all levels.

    • Rebecca Saunders CAMBRIDGE, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because cholera can be prevented.


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