Stop financing from European funds of bullfighting
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Stop financing from European funds of bullfighting

    1. Carmen De Bock Cano
    2. Petition by

      Carmen De Bock Cano

      Cádiz, Spain

We will go together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by forwarding our concerns about the millions of funds allocated from the EUROPEAN UNION to continuing to maintain and perpetrate as despicable practice such as BULLFIGHTING.

We believe that these cruel and unjust traditions must be abolished in the XXI century, that subject animals to such martyrdom and humiliation.

Is expected to be taken into account our request; we will by all means available to us to fight for our BULLS -

All together we can get governments to stop funding trough public funds-WITH EVERYONE’S MONEY - shows based in cruel torture and death of animals!

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    • Noelene Sanderson NR CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 4 hours ago

      Inexcusable CRUELTY. It must be stopped.

    • Catherine Varo CHEVRY, FRANCE
      • about 18 hours ago

      pour que cela cesse

    • Lascaud. Reine-blanche PARIS, FRANCE
      • about 18 hours ago

      Arrétez ces massacres innhumains , les tortures n'ont jamais étaient de la culture , mais de la cruauté ...

      • about 18 hours ago

      Je trouve inamissible de faire subir à cet animal cette mort horrible.

      Qui est l'animal le taureau ou l'homme.

    • Michelle Peacock REDCAR, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 20 hours ago

      Stop it now. This brutality has no place in society now and is just not acceptable. I believe that the actions of those that torture innocent animals, should be inflicted back upon them An eye for an eye as the saying goes. Animals need full rights just as us humans. They feel pain, fear, upset, anger and a whole host of other emotions. They feel what we do basically. End it now!


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