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Time to Change Pennsylvania's Outdated Charter School Law
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Time to Change Pennsylvania's Outdated Charter School Law

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"We came very, very, very close to getting charter reform." That’s how Governor Corbett describes what happened last spring when our lawmakers failed to reform Pennsylvania’s outdated charter school law before going on recess. Their failure to come to an agreement left more than 40,000 students on waiting lists hoping for a better education. 

Lawmakers have one more chance to reform Pennsylvania’s outdated charter school law. Tell Governor Corbett to use his leadership to pass the charter bill before session ends this fall on October 17. 

If it passes, SB 1115 will make badly needed updates to Pennsylvania’s charter school law so that our best charter schools can reach more students—including those 40,000 kids stuck on waiting lists. But it won’t be a priority in Harrisburg this fall unless we make it one. 

Tell Governor Corbett that it’s time to step up as Pennsylvania’s “education governor.” Our kids can’t afford to go ignored for yet another year.

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