Tim Tebow: Cancel Speech at First Baptist Dallas
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Tim Tebow: Cancel Speech at First Baptist Dallas

    1. Phillip Perry
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      Phillip Perry

      Washington, DC

February 2013


Victory! After hundreds of you signed my petition asking Tim Tebow to cancel his appearance at the controversial First Baptist Church of Dallas, he listened! Tebow announced via his twitter feed that he cancelled the appearance due to "new information" that had been "brought to [his] attention". I am thrilled that Tim Tebow has decided to distance himself from the hatred and division espoused by the church's pastor and I'm grateful to everyone who signed and spoke out to make this happen. This morning Pastor Robert Jeffress said that Tebow was merely going to "reschedule" to let the negative attention "die down". I'm hopeful that's not true -- I think Jeffress is probably trying to save face now that the world knows how hateful his version of Christianity is. But, if Tim Tebow did reschedule, I won't hesitate to open this petition back up and pick up the fight right where we left off. Thanks again to everyone who signed -- we did it!

As a University of Florida alumnus who happens to be a gay, I was disappointed and heartbroken to hear about Tim Tebow's upcoming speaking engagement at First Baptist Dallas on April 28, 2013. The controversial church’s senior pastor Robert Jeffress has made a litany of offensive and hate-filled remarks about the gay community, as well as Judaism, Islam and Mormonism. That’s not the type of church a compassionate evangelical like Tim Tebow should be associated with.

For so many, Tim Tebow is an inspiration on and off the field. He symbolizes compassion, humility and optimism – the type of person who leads a life of philanthropy and inspires us all to do better. While I may not agree with him on every issue, I respect and admire that he has always followed a path of inclusion, not division. It’s because of this that many fellow Gator fans and I have proudly defended Tim Tebow over the years, even when others have attacked and questioned his motives.

I know he doesn’t have the same hateful beliefs as Robert Jeffress, but he needs to reaffirm that to all of us who believe in him. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in urging Tim Tebow to promptly cancel his appearance at First Baptist Dallas.

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    • Carl Filler FORT LUPTON, CO
      • over 1 year ago

      I rooted for you here in Denver, Tim; now it's time to show the world true Christian "team colors". This would not do for that.

    • Gwendolyn Knechtel DES MOINES, WA
      • over 1 year ago

      Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Pretty much says it all.

    • Jody Hudson LEWISVILLE, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      This is important to me because we are all human, even though we have different ways of expressing our beliefs. Hate should not be a Christian value, but that is what I'm hearing that this pastor preaches. We can all live in peace if we give each other the chance to be ourselves and show our love in the way we know how - love is better than hate no matter how it is shown!

    • Marjorie Hoganson PARK RAPIDS, MN
      • over 1 year ago

      The church's pastor does not preach Christian messages and degrades other religions and preaches hateful things

    • Elias Sanchez MANASSAS PARK, VA
      • over 1 year ago

      Absolutely disgusting and un-Christian! The devil dresses himself in sheep clothing too! "God does NOT like ugly"...


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