Three Village Soccer Club: Stop Stony Brook University from taking our fields!
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Three Village Soccer Club: Stop Stony Brook University from taking our fields!

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The Three Village Soccer Club has been a major part of the Three Village community for over thirty years, providing a great place for the young people of our community to learn both soccer and sportsmanship. For the last twenty years the club has built, operated and maintained all of the soccer fields at the South Parking lot of Stony Brook University, which has become a central location for our community each weekend. Stony Brook University has now indicated that they want the soccer club to give them exclusive use of four of the fields without any compensation or a reduction in the $60,000 annual rental fee we pay to the University every year. In addition, the university has refused to agree to a fifteen year permit for the use of the property as allowed by the State of New York to ensure a long term location for the children of our community.


As a supporter of the Three Village community, I support  the efforts of the Three Village Soccer Club and the community to be compensated for the loss of four fields and urge the university and our elected officials to ensure that a fifteen year permit is provided to the soccer club and that the yearly rental payment be reduced. 


President Samuel Stanley, President of Stony Brook university
John Flanagan, Senator John Flanagan
Stop Stony Brook University from taking our fields!

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    • Scott Faulkner SHOREHAM, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Our society needs these programs for our children so they learn the importance of teamwork, achieving a common goal together, and have fun while doing it. Soccer organizations all across the island provide a great environment for community gathering which gives one more reason why Long Island a great place to live. If you take this away the community suffers a great deal and ultimately will make the university less attractive to prospective students.

    • Cindy Zeis STONY BROOK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      My child is a member of the Three Village Soccer club and as a special needs child this is one of the few outlets he has to participate in team sports. As a taxpayer and long time supporter of Stony Brook University, I am outraged at the position the university has taken on this issue. Community support goes both ways and I truly hope that something can be done to preserve the university's relationship with the surrounding community.

    • Eric Pitcher STONY BROOK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Three Village Soccer has been a mainstay in our community by providing a vital role in our kid’s development in both their physical as mental development. It is key place where the kids want to be and parents know they are safe.

    • Eric Bernstein SETAUKET, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Way too many people have been playing stony brook soccer their whole lives just like I did. 3 village soccer club has a better use for them.

    • dana oliveri PATCHOGUE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Becaue my niece plays on these fields


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