Thomas Prendergast, MTA Chair: Be accountable to your riders and reassess the B44 Select Bus Service in Brooklyn, NY.
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Thomas Prendergast, MTA Chair: Be accountable to your riders and reassess the B44 Select Bus Service in Brooklyn, NY.

    1. L Rickie Tulloch
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      L Rickie Tulloch

February 2014


Dear Friends: I am pleased to announce that less than two weeks after my petition to the MTA was launched, urging it to reassess to the B44 Select Bus line, it will be restoring essential bus stops and has increased local service.

Together, our 430 voices made a difference -- both individually and collectively. Each time the petition was signed, MTA officials received an email letting them know our concerns.

According to the MTA: "In order to address several outstanding issues along the route, MTA NYC Transit is planning to take the following actions which are responsive to the feedback we have received and which we believe will improve operations along the entire route: The addition of an SBS stop at Avenue L and Nostrand Avenue in both directions, and SBS stops at Gates Avenue on Nostrand Avenue and Bedford Avenue, based on concerns about the long distance between SBS stops on these parts of the route and transfer opportunities for the B9 and B52 routes. This requires lengthening the existing local stops and installing fare machinery and other street furniture. Working with NYCDOT, we anticipate these stops will be operational in early Spring 2014. The addition of local bus service along the entire B44 route effective Sunday, February 2. We believe that the new local schedule will address recent concerns about overcrowding and poor reliability of the B44 local. In early April 2014, we will modify the B44 SBS schedule so that customers will be able to travel the entire route from Sheepshead Bay to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza without having to transfer over most of the day. We continue to monitor operations along the entire B44 route and will update you about any service changes."

Thank you once again those of you who signed and shared the petition. We could not have achieved this victory without you.


L. Rickie Tulloch Chair Community Advisory Council - Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs

We the undersigned urge the MTA to be accountable to riders of the B44 Bus by responding to our concerns and comprehensively reevaluating the impact of its new Select Bus Service on that line, a major bus route running from Sheepshead Bay to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our concerns are amplified by the fact that the B44 runs through many areas with limited access to a subway line, therefore making it even more important that it runs as efficiently as possible.

However, our voices are being ignored because the MTA believes that its obligation to consult with riders ended with the close of the public review process. We are tired of the MTA’s dismissive and ambiguous responses to our concerns and its excuse that community members have already had the opportunity to comment on its proposal during the planning phase.

 We believe that the MTA has an enduring responsibility to those it serves and that continuous dialog with the community is vital to ensure that unforeseen issues that were not raised during the planning phase are addressed adequately, and that ALL bus riders have the opportunity to make their voices heard. 

As such, we implore the MTA to initiate an ongoing, in-depth assessment of the B44 Bus Line, which would rely heavily on site visits to bus stops, input from bus riders and ridership data from both the select and local B44 Buses, and address our concerns by providing the following:

● The restoration of numerous limited bus stops, including but not limited to: The Avenue L and Nostrand Avenue stop adjacent to Andries Hudde Junior High School, Nostrand Avenue and Empire Boulevard, Nostrand Avenue and Beverly Road, Nostrand Avenue and Tilden Avenue, Stops between Kings Highway and the Flatbush/Nostrand Junction, Nostrand Avenue and Avenue R;

● Better bus scheduling to eliminate longer than usual wait times for local buses, overcrowding on local buses while select buses are nearly empty, and significant discrepancies between the posted schedule and when buses arrive, causing buses to travel in "bunches";

● The ability to use tickets for select buses on local buses, should a local bus arrive first.

While we appreciate the MTA's attempts to improve bus service in our community, faster and more efficient bus service for some riders should not be at the expense of so many others. We call on the MTA to listen to community members and B44 riders -- those who are truly best equipped to evaluate what is and is not working. 

It is time for the MTA to take action.  



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    1. MTA Promises to Ease Crowding on Bus Line

      L Rickie Tulloch
      Petition Organizer
      MTA promises to ease crowding on bus line

      The MTA will change the only speedy city bus service in Brooklyn after residents said it didn't have enough stops, stranded riders, and caused overcrowding on local buses. Select bus service on the B44 line was introduced between Sheepshead Bay and Williamsburg in November to give Brooklynites a faster bus ride.

    2. MTA To Change B44 Select Bus Service (SBS) Following Pressure From Local Po

      L Rickie Tulloch
      Petition Organizer
      MTA To Change B44 Select Bus Service (SBS) Following Pressure From Local Pols - Sheepshead Bites

      THE COMMUTE : As a result of the efforts of Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, City Councilmembers Chaim Deutsch and Jumaane Williams, as well as pressure from North Brooklyn residents, the MTA announced on Friday that beginning in the spring, SBS stops at Avenue L and Gates Avenue will be added to the B44 route.

    3. Thanks to your voices, MTA responds to rider concerns about the B44 Bus

      L Rickie Tulloch
      Petition Organizer
      Brooklyn Spectator

      It looks like grassroots Brooklyn activism got a win today, and in impressive time. After over two months of filing complaints, attending rallies and signing petitions, Midwood and Bedford-Stuyvesant residents received the news on Friday, February 7 that three bus stops along the B44 Select Bus Service (SBS) route will be returned to them, come Spring, 2014.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Deridre Baker BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      My mother in-law is having trouble getting on the bus she is a senior citizen and its really becoming a problem .

    • Brian Baker BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      My mother is a retired city worker who has trouble getting on the bus because it more people getting on now and during the cold weather it's even worse

    • Tamar Charles BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      My stop was originally a limited stop because it has access to the B9, which I take home. This change has extended my wait time an additional 20 minutes on average. The SBS service was an irresponsible, negligible decision and it's unfortunate that we are at the mercy of decision makers who likely don't even use the bus!

    • Rita Mister BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      We can't wait such a long time for a local bus. Please add more stops. The limited service was working so well before. Why did you take it away?!

    • raymond baptiste BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      my children use this service its very handy.


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