There's Nothing Special about Special Ed.
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Special Ed, the Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.), & the programs there in

There's Nothing Special about Special Ed.

    1. MIC-X Villavera
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      MIC-X Villavera

      Blacksburg, VA

The education of a child is the essence of a golden future.
Each child deserves a proper education in a respectful school environment.
It isn’t right that a child must be raised up in a school/class that they do not belong in because of having a disability.
Being disabled does not make one incompetent, but they are treated as such.
The blind are placed with the hearing impaired, the hyper active with the in-active, the violent with the humble, Adults with minors, the “learning disabled” with the intellectually advanced, etc.
Even the teachers have disabilities and many of them lack the skills to be Teachers. Yet here they are, teaching.

I've shut down this program in 1999.
But it was a mere wound to this beast.
It is still active in other Schools as well as the one I attended.

A strong investigation must take place within these classrooms.
There are teachers who have students play more than they learn and some even smoke in class (as depicted in the drawing).
The teachers feel that the student is too dumb to comprehend the wrongs of their (the Teachers) actions, while other teachers even play Learning Musical Cossets as a teaching recourse instead of doing their JOB as a Teacher.
There are students who become spoiled by the teachers (even babied), students who are allowed to pass even after failing, and students who fail simply because of being disliked by a teacher (for various reasons).
Be aware that during the visitation(s) by a Parent, Staff or higher authority the Teacher would place the illusion of a working environment prior to each visit to prevent themselves from ever getting caught.
Not all Teachers are “Overpriced Babysitters” but the majority are.
The IEP Diploma is a waste of a student’s years in School simply because it does not equate to the value of a real Diploma or a GED.
You’re talking about leaving a student to stay in School till the age of 21 (or higher), for a Diploma that can’t even get them a Job at Mac Donald’s.
The IEP is the equivalent of a contract “your path is set for you”, and just like a contract there's that fine print that is never easy to notice (when it comes to a parents eyes).
When students go to Collage with an IEP they still have to face being only acceptable to the few classes that take them in. And there is no justice for a student in that.

So I implore you for the sake of a Special Education Student (who could even be your child) to participate in this petition to have the Board of Education no longer allow this to accrue, for it damages the future of a great youth.
“With every disability comes a greater ability”

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    1. Petition Song

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      Lyrics included

      Thank you to those who have and will sign.

      One Love

    2. Need more supporters

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      This online stuff is a huge talent being that not much people know me or have faith in digital petition, there for I will be heading out to the City soon and gain enough (along with web signatures) physical signatures so I can take them to Congress and demand change.

      Thank you to those who sign this petition

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    4. Update

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to all who support and will support this petition.
      A video regarding the history of this petition is under way.

    5. Everyone deserves a chance

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      I grew up being called a retard everywhere I went.
      I've noticed how the cafeteria's were full of tables divided by Races. Looked at our table and and saw that we had multiple races. At first I was proud because we could ignore such minor things people make major...Then it hit me. To THEM our table was a race...The Retarded Race..

      Support my petition
      Cause even a so-called "retard" deserves a real Diploma

    6. Need votes

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      Sure isn't easy getting votes.
      Some even flead oblivious as to what the petition was about. smh
      Any ideas?

    7. Keep them votes coming

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to those who support the Goal.
      I'm printing out flyers relating this Petition today
      I gotta spread the word.
      The blaze of glory means nothing to me
      I'm in for the wave of victory

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    9. Come to Facebook and Like us

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      I place the "us' because I'm not doing this for myself, I'm not in school.
      I do this for the future of a great youth.
      You can find photos of what an I.E.P. looks like here

    10. Get a better view of my Drawing or purchase it

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      This drawing on DeviantArt
      Articulately describes what it's like to have an un dedicated teacher "teaching" a "class".

    11. About my image

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      "The shirt on my head is there to let my Brethren know that I always keep them in mind when they need warming in this cold world" ~MIC-X

      It just let's you know something about me, in case you were wondering

    12. Like us on Facebook too

      MIC-X Villavera
      Petition Organizer

      Please vote against this

      Just imagine
      Your child could be sitting in class learning nothing while the teacher is playing with his/hers Ipad.

      The picture is no exaggeration.
      Students are allowed to sleep, play, dance, learn nothing, get bullied, spoiled, ect.
      It's a School, not a playground.

      Here's a fun fact.
      I was told that I was "Learning Disabled"
      Meaning I can't learn (as they put it)
      "So if I'm learning disabled, why am I in school?" I asked...and they could not answer.

      That program is a walking contraindication and defies the Laws of Education.


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