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Direct their faithful not to purchase or sell any object of cult in Ivory
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The World's Spiritual Leaders

Direct their faithful not to purchase or sell any object of cult in Ivory

    1. Kuki Gallmann
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      Kuki Gallmann

      Laikipia, Kenya


To His Holiness Dalai Lama and all the Buddhist Teachers, to His Holiness Karmapa, to the Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and all the Buddhist Teachers

To His Holiness the Pope and all the Fathers and Mothers of the Christian Catholic Church

To His Holiness the Patriarch and all the Fathers and Mothers of the Christian Orthodox Church

To all the most Venerable Patriarchs of Israel

To all the Holy Saint Guru and the Hindu Baba, Yogi and Yoghins

To all the most Venerable Imams of Islam

To all the Venerable Religious Leaders of all the spiritual traditions

To all human beings


This is a passionate cry for help.

There is a thriving market for items made of ivory, the precious substance whose source -the elephant- is an endangered species, and not all of them are secular trinkets and ornaments.

New ivory is used STILL TODAY by many faiths for objects of worship, such as rosaries, statues, crosses, icons in temples, churches and ashrams. 

This is unnecessary, and must stop.

All these items can be made in a range of alternative materials, from stones and metals to sustainable wood.

There should NOT be any “legal” ivory. Legal ivory is only a bureaucratic excuse.

ALL ivory, legal or not, comes from the agony and brutal death of these majestic creatures, whose space is already restricted and whose habitat is dramatically shrinking.
Creatures which are vital to the biodiversity and the survival of equatorial forests, creatures which have the right to live.

It is a non-stopping genocide, that will lead in a few years’ time, earlier than anyone could have imagined, to the disappearing of the elephant species from the planet.

In Africa - and for the few remaining Asian herds - the slaughter is on going on a daily basis.
It is unjustifiable ecologically, ethically and spiritually.
It is kept alive only by the trade.

It is clear that most of the buyers do so in good faith and do not associate the finished object -polished and sold in a shop- with the horror, the pain, the danger, the fear that it has invariably caused.

This petition is respectfully submitted in particular to the spiritual leaders who can reach and influence millions of followers, to ask them please to take a public stand and endorse the plea of directing their faithful and NOT TO PURCHASE OR SELL any object of cult made of IVORY.

Prayer cannot be associated with killing.

Elephants are a world’s heritage.
Elephants belong to all humanity.
Elephants belong to you.

Do realize that : “When the buying stops so does the killing”

Thank you, on behalf of the voiceless

Kuki Gallmann

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
Ol ari Nyiro
Northern Kenya
East Africa

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      • 20 minutes ago

      This is totally unacceptable! OMG! It sickens me to look at these pictures! We must be the voice for the voiceless!

    • Silvia Ferrari PARANA, ARGENTINA
      • 2 days ago


    • sofia scariot ARGENTINA
      • 2 days ago

      justicia por los animales

    • Edúárdó Dé Témpérléy ILOILO CITY, PHILIPPINES
      • 3 days ago

      vida animal

      • 3 days ago

      Esto es terrible, nunca he visto esas imágenes de barbarie en mi vida, que son obscenas, los imbéciles que cometen estas atrocidades deben ser matones descerebrados sin pensar en nada, sobre todo en el mundo animal. Necesitan ser encontrado, y serán tratados en la más severa forma Posible.


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