Grant returning soldiers with PTSD full Veterans benefits.
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Grant returning soldiers with PTSD full Veterans benefits.

    1. Michael Grevera
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      Michael Grevera

      Berwick, PA

     Since the “War on Terrorism” began, thousands of soldiers are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental illnesses. Many of which are being discharged with General Discharges due to circumstances related to them having combat related disabilities. These soldiers served their country, and then in their time of need their country turned its back on them. This petition is to ask the President to grant any service member with PTSD or any other combat related disability all of their benefits, including the Post-911 GI Bill.

     This is important because many service members come home severely afflicted and then are tossed aside by their government. The only loophole for one to not receive the GI Bill and full benefits is being discharged with anything other than an “Honorable Discharge.” Many soldiers have received administrative discharges due to their conditions under the tile “General Under Honorable Conditions,” and though it was under honorable conditions, they are still denied many benefits including their GI Bill. These soldiers sacrificed a piece of themselves in defense of their nation and should be given everything that was promised to them.

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