The U.S. Chamber Doesn’t Speak for Me
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The U.S. Chamber Doesn’t Speak for Me

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What does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have to do with climate change?

The Chamber is controlled by Big Polluters, poisons politics with its dirty money and opposes every single effort to curb climate pollution.

Join us in standing with small business owners, local chambers of commerce and people all over the country to declare, “The U.S. Chamber Doesn't Speak for Me.”

Sign the pledge and be sure to leave a personalized message, especially if you own, represent or work for a small business.

NEW: Over 1,000  business have already made it clear that The U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn't speak for them. If you’re a business owner or representative, click here to get on the map.

Want to get more involved?

Help us recruit small businesses in your city or town to join the movement. Grab a friend and visit your favorite local shops and encourage them to join the chorus of business owners saying: “The US Chamber Doesn’t Speak for Me.”

Find out more about the campaign at

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      If you're reading this, you probably understand the significance of this number: 350.
      A few years ago that number wasn't even on the radar; but since Bill McKibben founded the environment movement has started tracking the amount of carbon...

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      Watch Bill McKibben's "fiery" speech given at Power Shift, an organizer training of 10,000 people, in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

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    5. A New Phase: Here's to Building a Mass Climate Movement


      This post is authored by Board members Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben, and originally appeared on Alternet.
      We need to rebuild the kind of mass movement that marked 1970: bodies, passion, and creativity are the currencies we can compete in....

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    7. U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Meet the Proffers


      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims to represent three million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions in our economy.
      But does it, really? As's Bill McKibben points out, at least when it comes to climate and energy, that claim is,...

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      Read 's Bill McKibben on the "guilty verdict" today for climate activist Tim DeChristopher. It's a sad state of affairs and should hopefully reenergize the climate movement:

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      Brian Harris, Wayne, MI: "I have been a small business owner for 15 years. The US Chamber of Commerce has done NOTHING to help me, and seem to always support big business instead of us little guys!"

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    12. Does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Speak for You?


      Editors Note: Bill McKibben, co-founder of, is a member of's Changemakers network. Last week, he published the following post, kicking off's newest campaign "The U.S. Chamber Doesn't Speak For Me."
      Within days of launching...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Maeda Ruriko ICHIHARASHI, JAPAN
      • about 3 years ago

      Please keep harmony with nature,animals and human rights.Please respect enviroment.Please commit human's crim anoymore.

    • deborah lamb MIAMI, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      I own a landscaping business. We practice best management and IPM precisely because of our will to not adversely affect the environment. I have a big problem with this chamber providing funding/lobbyists to promote issues that are not good for the public and our children. Any business that belongs or donates to the Chamber should be boycotted. They are a sham and a tool for corporate criminals.

    • Cassandra Perkins VERO BEACH, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      It's time for Americans to take their country back from the political demons that control it now.

    • Victoria Johnson BATON ROUGE, LA
      • about 3 years ago

      You do not speak for me.

      I think you are traitors who do not have the interests of the people of the US at heart. You need to be doing things to help American businesses, not the Chinese, for starters. AND, JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT, CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL AND YOU ARE HELPING RUIN THE LIVES OF FUTURE GENERATIONS BECAUSE THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO BREATHE.

    • Ralph Palmieri NORRISTOWN, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      A corporation is not democratic. It is not federal. It is not local. It is not moral. It is not traditional. It is not sustainable without state protection. It is not a person. A corporation is not necessary for society to function or produce.

      Down with mercantilism!


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