Overhaul No Child Left Behind and High-Stakes Testing Mandates.
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Overhaul No Child Left Behind and High-Stakes Testing Mandates.

    1. Kenny Short
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      Kenny Short

      Seattle, WA

Standardized Tests should be used to inform education professionals about what individual students are learning, and what is working best for schools and districts. These tests should not be the sole or primary measure of a potentially punitive teacher evaluation system. Instead, standardized tests should be useful and relevant to both teachers and students.
"Even if the tests contained no absurd questions; even if the tests were flawless, the misuse of test scores is an affront to educators and to students. There may be diagnostic value in standardized tests, but they are now being treated as scientific instruments. They are cultural artifacts, social constructions, created by fallible people. They should be used appropriately to provide useful information to teachers, not to punish or reward them." - Diane Ravitch

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    • Paige Reilly KILLINGWORTH, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      I teach elementary school. I hate these tests. Kids hate the tests. Children cry! I've rubbed backs and encouraged them to "just keep going. Answer just a few more", "No, you're not allowed to use the bathroom during this test" which practically arrives by armored car! Insane and flawed. Which means it could only be for one thing... follow the money. Teachers aren't getting it, kids and their school's aren't getting it. Publishers, Charters, and "reform movement" gurus do, though, and LOTS OF IT.

    • Kenny Short SEATTLE, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because teaching the test is awful and not best for kids!


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