To Stop the Inhumane Cruelty Against the Wolves and Pups.
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The United Nations General Assembly/President USA Barack Obama .

To Stop the Inhumane Cruelty Against the Wolves and Pups.

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The worldwide human encroachment on wild areas, the ever growing agriculture and hunting industries, political fear mongering, and long endured fairy tales and legends-the iconic, majestic wolf is being pushed
to the edge of extinction.

We the signed, want the United Nations to recognize, respect and encourage the value of the wolf worldwide and recognize the threat of impending extinction. We encourage all UN participating countries to manage wolves at the highest governmental tier. Enact special protection of the wolves against brutalization and persecution for political agendas or for purpose of monetary gain.

In the USA, we want President Barack Obama and Congress to relist the gray wolf into federal protection and also to manage wolves always at the highest governmental tier and to enact special protection against brutalization and persecution for politcal agendas or purposes of monetary gain. In April 2011 the gray wolves were unconstitutionally delisted from the endangered list and turned over to the Rockie Mountain states for management with no enactment of special protection enacted upon those states to control the brutalization at the hands of these states.

We the signed, want the brutalization controlled by the highest protection of the law on brutality and those who violate the law be brought to justice for such.

1. Ban all pups from being gassed in their dens and put in sacks and smashed on the ground until dead.
Also being bow and arrowed in their stomachs which causes such painful deaths and suffering.
This is inhumane and cruelty to animals

2. Ban the use of all small dogs and cats and other small live animals they use to bait the wolf then gut
shoot them. This is double cruelty and totally inhumane.

3 Ban all hunters from raising and breeding cats and dogs for this purpose. Cruelty to animals

4. Ban all trapping and snares which cause torture and excruciating pain to an animal for days before a hun
hunter will return. This is inhumane and cruelty to animals

5. Ban all poaching

6. Ban all recordings of pups to lure the wolf to come to their help only to face gut shots.

7. Ban all poisonings using Ethanol which makes the wolf go into liver failure and suffer horrible deaths and
and also the use of bacon grease as bait on sponges which will cause the wolf to choke or
have intestional blockages. This is total animal cruelty and inhumane

8. Ban the use of helicopters chasing the wolfs until exhausted then shooting them not always killing
them leaving them to suffer until death This is inhumane and cruelty to animals
9.Snowmobiles and A.T.V.s are transportation only,and they should not be used to run wolves to exhaustion,only to be killed exicution style.
We the signed, want President Barack Obama and Congress to enact to those states where they are delisted federal laws to protect them against inhumane animal cruelty and to enact laws to take anyone to court who violates those laws and bring them to justice. We feel its one thing to delist and its another thing that the government does not enact laws controlling inhumane cruelty to animals that are delisted to the states that are managing the delisted animals. Also available habitat and population density should be a consideration,not just the number of wolves.(300 wolves in a state the size of Montanna is not many...)
.All hunting seasons should end mid January,so the wolf packs can settle down for mating season.
Hunters are a poor means of management,they do not consider breeding pairs when they have a wolf in their sights.
We the signed, want President Barack Obama and Congress to pass laws in the highest protection of brutality in the states that have management of the delisted endangered animals to protect them from cruelty and inhumane practices so that anyone breaking the laws will be brought to justice

Wolves are wondrous happy creatures. There is no doubt that wolves have beautiful, balanced emotions. They love and defend one another. They feel sorrow and melancholy. Yet, there has never been a war between animal species. The wolf knows nothing about greed, envy, and hate. They live their entire lives without sin.


Kerstin Felsch (EUROPE)

Barbara Hofmann (EUROPE)

Kaz Witchie SpirytWolf(AUSTRALIA)

Rutha.Misra (ASIA, USA)

Carol DeMaula Carraturo (USA)

Bud Adam (USA)


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    • Marla Neusel AUSTIN, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      We humans are the protectors of the earth and all wildlife and life in general.

      • over 2 years ago

      Wolves are very sacred animals..

      For they are our brothers and it is blasphemy

      and sacrilege against Great Spirit for anyone to destroy

      all that is revered sacred.

      Wolves belong to our Mother Earth,

      not on trophy mounts to appease the Devil worshipers!

    • Susan Kline MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      Wolf management is one thing - this can only be considered as MURDER ! Let the wolf alone and quit listening to all the excuses to eliminate an innocent animal. What has a pup done to deserve this and what animal will they go after when they finally destroy the wolf.

    • Christina Junker-Ekic LINDEN, GERMANY
      • over 2 years ago

      Mr. President, the world, the earth is not humans alone. GOD made this world for all of HIS greatures. They have the right to live, just like humans do. If you do not do anything against this bad killing, you have to answer GOD one of those days, why you did not quitt that, even thou you was able to. Do not forget that please.

    • Barb Gillies WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      These beautiful wild & free beings need to be left alone! They do little harm & can even be kept away from livestock with dogs & donkeys ... there is NO NEED TO KILL & PERSECUTE THEM!


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