The UK Independence Party (UKIP): Adopt a clear set of polices in favour of armed self-defence
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The UK Independence Party (UKIP): Adopt a clear set of polices in favour of armed self-defence

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      Campaign for Armed Self-Defence

The aim of this petition is to gather support for the adoption of clear stated policies in favour of armed self-defence and lawful firearm ownership to be integrated into the UK Independence Party manifesto.

It is apparent that UKIP wishes to present itself as representing those concerned with increasing restrictions on freedom, modelling itself as a libertarian alternative to the other Big Government parties. One of the most onerous restrictions in the UK is the overly restrictive legislation regarding legal ownership of weapons and their lawful use in defence of one's self and property. What good is the right to defend yourself when you have no effective means to do so with?

In the UK, carrying anything for the purpose of self-defence will result in arrest and prosecution as the item in question, even if not itself designed so, becomes an 'offensive weapon'. Currently the law abiding majority have no means to defend themselves against violent criminals who by their very nature will always arm themselves despite what new laws are put into place. The majority of European countries allow at least some types of personal defence weapon to carried for self defence. only 7 out of 27 EU states prohibit pepper spray, a popular means of self-defence for those at a physical disadvantage. Some countries employ a permit system to allow acquisition upon completion of a criminal background check and in some cases training classes while others simply require the individual to be over the age of 18 to purchase. The suggestions below are open to any means of prohibiting access by criminals and ensuring lawful use only. The aim is to give the vast law-abiding and currently defenceless majority a legal option to have the ability to defend themselves, as is present in almost every other country.

Below are some recommended suggestions for inclusion into party policy:

- Removal of non-lethal self-defence aids such as defensive pepper sprays, stun guns and pistols designed to fire rubber 'traumatic' projectiles and tear gas cartridges from current firearm legislation or transfered from their current status as 'prohibited weapons' to a new catagory allowing a means of lawful acquistion for the purpose of self-defence.

- Repeal the 1997 pistol ban. The UK is one of the only countries in the world to have a practical prohibition, forcing our Olympic pistol team to practice outside their home country. This draconian restriction has not affected gun crime, which rose dramatically in the years following.

- Add 'home defence' as a reason for obtaining a firearm certificate, as was the case 50 years ago. Burglars need to know that should they choose to break into another's home, there is a significant risk that the home owner may lawfully and effectively defend themselves and their property.

- Remove licence requirements for all muzzleloading firearms such as flintlock muskets. The majority of European countries treat these no different from other obsolete weapons such as crossbows. These are completely ignored by 21st century criminals despite their availability in most countries. Licensing them simply costs resources and puts needless bureaucratic hurdles in the way of those perusing valuable cultural & historical preservation activities such as living history and reenactments.

- Restore sentencing power to the courts. The current mandatory minimum 5 year sentence for illegal firearm possession has resulted in people who have innocently come into possession of antiques and souvenirs receiving harsher punishments than violent career criminals. Common sense and proportion should be the main focus of the UK's justice system.

Please show your support for the right of armed self-defence by signing and spreading this petition.

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      • 9 months ago

      The UK is a mess i have personally been attacked 3 times in my work place by intruders this matters to me.

    • geraldine perkins GRIMSBY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      because self defense is a natural and god given right and should not or never be infringed. the law abiding masses are not criminals who do not follow the laws of man. an armed society is a polite and self sufficient society that does not rely on the government for protection which depsite their pormises they can not keep. the police respond to crime not stop it.

      • 9 months ago

      I grew up around firearms and remember my father making his own ammo, trips to the range etc. In nations where a healthy respect of firearms is taught from a young age, as was the case here in Britain, gun crime is almost zero. Indeed as a keen archer, archery was required as compulsory from a young age, 2 hours a day I believe. When indigenous Britons had the right to keep and bear arms the gun crime was virtually zero and the numbers since speak for themselves. The justification for disarming Britain, and that is exactly what it is, was finalised after the Dunblane 'massacre', which anyone left with the power of independant thought, after an hour of research can see clearly, cover ups and lies, secret societies and media gagging orders. Farage's recent call again for rearming Briton is refreshing to hear, though is met timely with stats of falling crime rates. Britain is under attack from within, our people & culture are being dissolved via mass immigration, Treason in 72 via the Heath gov, and now every PM since, then the disarming of the people was the start of a longer term agenda. Dunblane must be re-opened so the people can see the lies, then the Treason won't come as such a shock...

    • john johnson LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago


      • 9 months ago

      Home defence


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