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Say no to Israeli demolitions of Palestinian schools in the West Bank

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For most children, the start of school is a time of excitement, but for children of a Bedouin community in Khan al Ahmar, West Bank, this school year will be filled with fear and uncertainty.

Israeli settlers from the Kfar Adumim settlement petitioned to have the school suspend operations before students return from summer break, as they push for a quick demolition of the school completely.

The school, made out of scrap tires and mud, serves 80 children from an overlooked and extremely vulnerable Bedouin community.If the school in Khan al Ahmar is destroyed, these children will have to walk nearly 19 miles to Jericho to attend school.Faced with such challenging obstacles, most children will drop out of school and miss out on an education altogether.

The Israeli practice of demolition, which has increased sharply in the first half of 2011 despite being against international law, continues to devastate Palestinian families and communities in Area C – the 60% of the West Bank controlled by Israel. Many of the people affected already live in poverty, and children are often the hardest hit.Click here to watch an Al Jazeera report about the demolitions in Khan al Ahmar.

Tell Congress that Israel must meet its obligations under international law:

    • Immediately cease demolitions of Palestinian-owned homes, schools and infrastructure, which cause displacement and dispossession, until Palestinians have access to a fair and nondiscriminatory planning system. This should include community participation in all levels of the planning process;


  • Families that have been forcibly displaced must be allowed to return to their homes in safety and dignity, and be given compensation for any harm they have suffered, including the destruction of land, homes and property.


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Let's make sure these children get the education they deserve.

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    1. A victory for Palestinian's human rights, but there's still more to do!

      On February 1st, an Israeli delegation met with Ms. Abu Khamis, the principal of the Khan al-Ahmar school and Mr. Bassem Erakat, head of Jerusalem area education for the Palestinian Authority to discuss the future of the community. They determined that:

      (1)The village will not be forcibly relocated. Instead a new and mutually agreed upon village plan will be drawn up for the residents of Khan al-Ahmar.

      (2)The school will be moved away from the main road as part of the new village plan.

      These developments are encouraging, but now is not the time to grow complacent. The people of Khan al-Ahmar need us to keep up international pressure to ensure that the Israeli authorities follow through on their promises. Help us show the Israeli authorities that we’re still watching by inviting others to sign our petition. We need your help to reach our goal of 1,000 signatures!

      p.s. check out our other petition calling for an end to Israeli settler violence at the link below.

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    3. 5 homes destroyed in Khan al-Ahmar

      On October 31st, Israeli authorities demolished 5 Palestinian homes in Khan al-Ahmar, displacing 71 people, including 60 children. It's time to say NO to Israeli demolitions! You can be an advocate for this community facing total displacement by sharing AFU's petition on Facebook and Twitter. For additional information on how you can help, please email sarah@friendsunrwa.org.

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